Thursday, September 5, 2013

How To Creating Fake Crease for Monolids

How to create a fake crease for monolids?
Is there a way to make my eyes look bigger?
How to lessen puffy-looking eyes using eye shadow?

These are some of the many questions I get with regards to "Asian Eyes" or Monolids.  (I'm sorry for using the term Asian eyes as not all Asian Eyes look the same, I just had to use it as the beauty blogging community are used to this term!)

Aside from "faking the crease" by applying dark eye shadow on the outer-V, in the real world of busy bees...who has time to really blend and make sure both eyes match?  Some of you may sacrifice sleep for this but I'm not part of the "tiis ganda" crowd!  *laughs*  

For today's "This Is How I Do It" post, which by the way, are usually tips I share that are meant for busy bums out there!  I try to share tips that are very simple and less time consuming!  

There are 2-3 things you need to create such "effect" ---

  • A good eyeshadow primer (you may skip this if your eye pencil is budge-proof just like the one I used in this tutorial.)
  • A waterproof eyeliner or cream shadow stick.
  • Your choice of eyeshadow.

As for this tutorial, I used Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Plum, as I'm testing this product, I did not use any eyeshadow primer underneath.  But for YOU, please use your favorite eye primer to prevent smudging and smearing especially for monolids.

The reason why I picked eyeliner pencil in this tutorial because waterproof eyeliner lasts longer and does not smudge as compared to cream shadow sticks.

I use the pencil and draw a fake crease, how do you know where your "fake crease" line should end?  Touch your eyelid gently press and find the hollow portion of the eyeball.  (sounds gross but

This portion does not have to be perfect!  The lines can be uneven as you will pile this up with a powdered eye shadow and smudge it with a brush to create "smoked out" effect.

Using my newest Revlon PhotoReady Primer/Shadow Palette in Renaissance, I picked the "plum" shade to pile on top of my eyeliner base.

Dab the eyeshadow gently on top and add more as needed.  Go a bit beyond the "crease line" (if you have any) or end the eyeshadow application exactly on the shadowy part of your lid as shown on photo below and gently blend out the edges with a wiper motion.

Do not forget to look down and check if there's any obvious "line".  I also like to apply the same liner and shadow at the bottom lash line.

Final look without mascara.  To create brighter and bigger-looking eyes, mascara application is vital so go on, curl your lashes and pile your mascara!

There is a reason why I did not extend the eyeshadow application near the brow bone, for Asian eyes or monolids eyes, the space to apply eyeshadow is a bit small so it is important to concentrate most of your eye makeup application close to the lashline, applying eyeshadow all the way near to your brows will make your eyes look heavy (and dirty) instead.  

Before and After
This tutorial would work even for readers who don't have any crease.  The makeup application is the same, it is very important to open your eyes and look straight at the mirror after each application so you'll know if you need to "pull up" the eyeshadow application.  I tend to lose the "crease" when I smile so I try to look in the mirror and smile and see if the eyeshadow will disappear.  Adjustments are always welcome when it comes to makeup application.

Do you have problems with eye shadow application?
What are some of the eye shadow application problems you encounter?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Nice. Sana may full face pic para makita ang overall look :)

    1. Hi Ajay, thanks for the request, I didn't know there are some of you guys who would like to see a full face shot! I'll keep that in mind when I do my next tutorial :D

  2. I always love your tutorials sis! i have a hard time blending eyeshadow upwards (i'm not sure if you get what i mean, yung pa-outwards na upward, haha ang gulo). i always blend it using your technique here (wiper motion). :)

    1. Sis, gets ko! I studied that in school, will try to remember that and include that in my next tutorials :) Hintay hintay ka lang :D

  3. Such a good technique. I'm western, but even with the crease I never apply the eyeshadow close to the brow bone or, as you said, it will look dirty and very heavy. And whenever I use such dark colours it also looks really heavy on me and i hate that.
    Wonderful tutorial!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, I guess it's not only me who felt the same on not applying too much close to the brow bone! I like to give ample space to create an illusion of bigger lid space! :D

  4. I love this to bits! Very simple it won't take much time! will try this before heading at work :)

    1. Glad to know this very simple tutorial helps! :D Enjoy! and experiment with different colors!


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