Saturday, September 28, 2013

Something New: Bio-Oil

Several months ago when I was pregnant with Baby Kyle, I Tweeted and asked about the most effective anti-stretch mark products in the market and one of the brand that got a lot of votes is called Bio-Oil.  Since I haven't seen the brand anywhere, I went ahead trying different brands of anti-stretch mark creams and oils.  On the latter part of my pregnancy, I met up with fellow-pregnant college friend Charmie and she handed me none other than my very own Bio-Oil!  She hoarded a couple of bottles in Dubai and gave me one telling me how effective this product was on helping her reduce itchiness from skin dehydration, aside from that, Bio-Oil also helped reduce stretch marks and Linea Nigra (A dark vertical line that appears on the abdomen during pregnancy).

Too good to be true?  
Armed with my first Bio-Oil, I gave it a test immediately when I got home.  But, it was on my latter part of pregnancy so I really can't tell if the product did help reduce the appearance of stretch marks but my initial reactions are as follows ---

  • Non-greasy.  The product gets absorbed into the skin and skin maintains its hydrated state for hours.
  • No allergic reactions.
  • With my heightened sense of smell during pregnancy, the scent isn't offensive or strong.
  • Skin has a nice "glow" immediately upon application.
Now that baby Kyle is almost 5 months old and I can finally have a bit of "me time" every once in awhile, I've decided to continue using this product as my skin has been downright crazy nowadays!  (Blaming the hormones here!)  I may be one of the few lucky moms who didn't have any stretch marks from giving birth but I still have my pre-pregnancy skin problems which was extreme dryness that lead to extreme flaking and horrible itchiness!

Bio-Oil promises to help improve the appearance of ---
  • Scars - I personally think there isn't any "sure-fire" product that can remove scars completely as scars are permanent in nature, I believe there are products that could at least "lighten up" the look of NEW scars instead of removing them completely.
  • Stretch Marks - Stretch marks could be genetics, but, there are other causes of stretch marks like stretching of the skin during pregnancy which may cause skin to itch, applying oil-based products may help lessen skin itchiness, so less scratching is done, thus, less chance of stretch marks making its' grand appearance.
  • Uneven Skin tone - girls usually have uneven skin tone on areas like the knees and elbows, I am intrigued to see if this product will help even out my skin tone.
  • Ageing Skin and Dehydrated Skin - Ageing skin usually lacks moisture, thus can turn into dehydrated skin.  I realized that oil-based products are better for me as I grow older as these types of products gets absorbed into my skin easier than cream based products.
I will be testing this product and will be writing a follow up blog post with an in-depth review on my experience using this as I'm sure a lot of our pregnant and non-pregnant friends would like to know what to expect while using this product.  As of the moment, I am loving the "feel" of each Bio-Oil application as it immediately give my skin the "sheen" and "glow" that lasts even an hour after application!  Now I'm left with a hope of finally decreasing skin flakiness and some uneven patches on some parts of my body PERMANENTLY!

* Bio-Oil is available locally at Mercury Drug Stores and Watsons Nationwide for Php495.00 for 60ml (smaller than the one I photographed above)

By the way, check out the Youtube video below on the Bio-Oil Teaser, I can't believe Lara is already a mom! 

Who among you have tried Bio-Oil?  
How was your experience?

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  1. Good to know it's already available here in the Philippines. I had my aunt from Canada sending me this after I gave birth and had stretch marks. I can say it's really effective with lightening scars. :)

    1. nice to know your thoughts on this product! thanks for sharing

  2. The product seem really great! My sister has been searching for a product that works. She has a lot of strech marks due to loosing and gainning weight.
    Maybe this one could be a candidate.

    1. yes, try to recommend this product to your sister :D

  3. wow, this is perfect for mothers like us.and it is a multi purpose product ha... can't wait for your full review! i wanna try this. :)


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