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How to Use K-Palette Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid (Glue and Tape Type)

Something different with my eyes you say?

Over the weekend, I was one of the lucky bloggers who got an invite to attend the K-Palette Bloggers' Event at Geisha Restaurant.  Everyone's so excited to learn about K-Palette's newest product called Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid!  Almost everyone (monolids or not) tried the 2 newest products from K-Palette that literally answers "scared-of-surgery-but-wants-to-have-a-nice-crease" problem.

I Tweeted about the product and got texts from friends who are obviously interested with the products!  What I did over the weekend?  I tried both Glue type and Tape type myself and even tried it on my Aunt who has been bugging me about this product late last year!  (She knew about such product from Hong Kong!)

Are you ready to be amazed?
K-Palette Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid
Glue type and Tape type

I won't be writing an in-depth review for now as I just tested these 2 products over the weekend!  I will just be sharing my initial thoughts and of course, I will also share some tips on how I use these.  Let's just mark this post as "Double Eyelids for the Dummies" a.k.a. ME! :P

First stop ---
01 Pink is the Glue Type
This comes with a thin brush.  During the event, I was told that this product is best used for first-timers.  An added tip?  This can also be used as your lash glue!

As to glue or tape type application, always make sure to keep your lids free from makeup, oil and dirt!  Wipe off excess oil before application.

The Y-shape stick that comes with the Mega Cute Double Eyelid Glue and Tape is the key to success!  *laughs*  I always tape this back to the tube after usage as I don't want to lose this tiny treasure!

With the Y-shape portion of the stick, gently find the "crease" you would like to create.

Note from author:  I already have a tiny crease so the after effect may not be as good-looking as compared to girls who have no crease at all!  I did this just for the sake of tutorial.

01 Pink Glue Type How-Tos

  1. Using the thin brush, apply a thin line on the area where you want to have the "fold".  Try to apply in one strokes and re-apply as needed.
  2. Wait for a couple of seconds until the glue becomes transparent.
  3. Using the Y-shaped tip, gently press the area where you applied your glue as shown on photo.
  4. Using the other end of the applicator, continue pressing the area where you applied to glue for a "better-looking" line.
Before and After
Obviously, the effect isn't as nice looking as expected because I already have a visible crease to appreciate.  K-Palette Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid Glue Type is best used by girls without crease!

Next stop ---
02 Orange is the Tape Type
Note: This comes with a thicker brush and CANNOT be used as an eyelash glue.

02 Orange Tape Type How-Tos

  1. Instead of applying a thin line, use the flat portion of the thick brush and apply a half-moon shape literally above the lash line.  If you are unsure about the shape, imagine creating your own "tape" in a form of glue.
  2. This will take longer to dry up so be patient and wait for the glue to turn transparent.  This is a vital key to prevent messy lids!
  3. Once the glue is dry (transparent), use the Y tip and gently press each area from inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.
  4. Using the other end of the applicator, gently press area per area to create a distinct line.
Before and After
The size of the crease itself looks the same on before and after photo but when you step back, you will see that my eyes appear larger on the after photo (Note: I did not intentionally widen my eyes on the after photo.) 

Though I have an acceptable crease on both eyes, my left eye is more droopy due to extra skin, the K-Palette Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid Tape type helped "lift" some of the skin thus creating larger looking eyes.

Before and After
Both Eyes

What to expect when you use Mega Cute Double Eyelid Glue and Tape?
  • Eyes look larger and uplifted.
  • There isn't any eye irritations so far.  (If you have sensitive eyes, I highly recommend not to use these.)
  • It doesn't feel uncomfortable as it looks.
  • First time users may take time.
  • Poking your eyes (even with the most gentle hands) may still make your eyes uncomfortable especially for first time users.
  • The effect can be natural with loads of practice!
Tips from AMW
  • If you already have crease but wants to create an "uplift" effect, go for the tape type.
  • If you have droopy-looking eyes, go for the tape type.
  • If you don't have any crease, go for the Glue Type.  But the Tape type is also highly recommended only if you have steady hands.  (The thick brush is a bit harder to maneuver.)
  • Try on testers before you take your pick.
  • I personally LOVE the tape type and will be using this especially on my left eye.
  • You can still proceed with eye makeup AFTER Mega Cute Double Eyelid application.  You just have to do the "tapping" motion instead of the wiper motion.
  • To finish off, you can apply liner and false lashes!
  • How to remove the glue at the end of the day?  The tape type can be peeled off but I prefer to use my gentle eye makeup remover and apply some on a cotton pad and leave it on my eye for a couple of seconds.  This will melt off the glue and rinse off with water.
* K-Palette Real lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid retails at Php695.00 (approx $15.80).  Available in Beauty Bar Stores nationwide.
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Will you give these products a try?
Judging from my demonstration and tips, which will you go for?  

Glue type or tape type?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks for this review! I have "mismatched" eyelids - my left eyelid is slightly more droopy than my right. This makes it really difficult to line both eyes identically. If I can find this product in Hawaii, I'll try the tape method.

    1. I'm glad to review this and I know what you mean about Mismtached eyelids! Mine is droopy on one side and ok on the other!

  2. i think the tape type is more useful to me because i have a tiny crease too and my eyes needs a little lift :) i think my sister who has monolids will appreciate the glue type! :)

    1. Issa, super nice siya, I love the 02 Orange one! super easy to use!

  3. will you have to push it every time you close your eyes?

    1. No :) once it sets, it's set for good until removal!

  4. My other eye has a deeper crease while the other is less deep, what do you think i should buy? the glue or tape?

  5. Hi where can I buy this product here in the Philippines? :)

    1. It's written on the last line above, Beauty Bars nationwide or online.


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