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Spa Review: Toccare Spa (2nd Time Around)

Happy Tuesday!
I haven't posted about any Spa places for the past year!  Why?  Well, this lady got pregnant, gave birth, and got super busy with the baby I didn't even have "me" time!  I was just browsing through my Spa reviews recently and long for a nice relaxing massage!  After giving birth, I had one from "Manang Luz" who does home service but the complete wellness package inside the spa is what my body is looking for!

One of the few Spa Places that I tried that left a lasting impression on me is Toccare Spa, feel free to read my first visit last March 2012 HERE.  

Same as last year, I was greeted by friendly staffs at the front desk and given a menu to check out their Spa Services.  My favorite part?  Choosing the  massage oil and the room scent!  I always go for Lavender for my massage oil and this time, Lemongrass as the room scent!

We went ahead and check out the place, if you read my old post, there wasn't much change and I don't expect much change as only a year has passed.  Bravo to Toccare Spa for maintaining the place looking good as new!

The waiting area, this area can also house foot massages!
Mr. AMW waited for me here last year, this time, we're both having massages!  He would normally say "NO" as he's very ticklish but I told him he has to reward himself it was the day before his birthday plus....with baby around?  We both need the TLC!

My favorite area!  This is where you can have your manicure/pedicure and foot massages!  Again, the place is well maintained and magazines are updated!

Private Room (Solo)

Common Room
But I would love to call this a "Barkada Room".  You can book this room for you and your friends!  Girl bonding!

This is the Mr. and Mrs. AMW room for the night! :)
I went for Filipino Hilot and Mr. AMW tried the Gemstone Massage!

Filipino Hilot (Php1,000/ VIP room for Php1,250)
A Filipino-style therapeutic massage concentrating on healing the body's imbalances.  Combines the use of Virgin Coconut Oil with medium to deep pressure strokes to relieve deep-rooted stress and restore health and well-being.  

I am very happy with this service and the great news is, I never feel any pain while the massage was done and even after!  I can definitely say goodbye to tension knots!

Toccare Healing Gem Stone Massage (Php1,400/ VIP room for Php1,650)
Toccare's signature massage using semi precious stones (Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst or Jade).

Mr. AMW tried this service and it was a first for him to have stones at the back of his spine.  According to him, it relaxes him deeply and gave him an overall unique experience.  The massage itself was wonderful, the pressure was just right that's why there wasn't any "ticklish" feel.

After the relaxing massage, dinner was served from Azurro Restaurant. 

Pumpkin Soup

 Breaded Fish Fillet Rice

Chicken Teriyaki Rice

Bread Pudding

How do we like the food?  We love it!  To be honest, we finished the food in no time as we were really hungry after the relaxing massage!  

I have to compliment the wonderful service that we got from Toccare Spa.  We didn't have any special treatment just because we were invited, I actually brought my parents and brother late last year and I heard nothing but praises! 

 And to my dear readers who are on a budget but wanted to try Toccare Spa's Wellness Package, well, here's good news for you!  For the price of Php999.00, you get to try their facilities (Steam, Sauna and Jacuzzi) followed by 60 minutes Classic Whole Body Massage and a Spa Cuisine by Azurro.  Seriously, the price is worth it with Grade A service you get!

* Visit http://www.toccarespa.com.ph for more spa packages and other information.  Like them on Facebook and get to know more about their promos.

Have you tried Toccare Spa's services?
What's your favorite Spa place around the Metro?

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(Service provided for review.  Opinions 100% mine.)


  1. Wow! I want to go back here :) Is the promo valid only for September?

  2. wow, the place is so relaxing! i wish I find the time for a "Me" time at a spa ......

    1. Super Issa! worth saving up for a VIP service! super nice talaga ang relaxing!


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