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AMW Reports: Toccare Spa

Hair Color --- check!
Hair Treatment --- check!
Now what's left to complete my ultimate pampering package AMW style?


After I came back from my teaching gig in China, I told Mr. AMW that I have never found a "spa" place that gives me the comfort as what I've experienced in Shenzhen, I actually purchased a 12 sessions + 3 free for a year membership!  It was pricey but it was all worth it as teaching isn't easy, the stress, the pressure that I've experienced, I'm glad I have a "spa" place were I can throw my troubles away.

Back in Manila, I've had bits of services that are my favorite but I can only find them on different places.  Where's the TOTAL package that I was looking for?  After several years of search, I've finally found it!  

At Toccare Spa

It was perfect as I just finished a makeup gig that day.  A girl's gotta learn how to relax, and I'm learning pretty fast! :)

Toccare Spa is located at the Antel Spa Suites, once you get into the lobby area, you will be directed to an elevator that goes straight to 4th floor.  Once I got in, I was greeted by the receptionist and you get to choose the services you want!  You can choose from their packages available or you can personalize it base on your needs.

I was given the chance to choose the scent of the oil, the scent of the room and the type of music to be played (available for private rooms only).  For the oil, I went for Lemongrass while the room scent, I chose Lavander.  For the music?  I want for nature!

I was ushered to the changing room were I get to put my stuff inside the locker provided.  Any service you choose, you can go for Dry Sauna, Wet Sauna or Jacuzzi.  I went for 15 minutes Dry Sauna and watched "The Buzz" while I drink a cold glass of water. (There's a television right outside the sauna and you can actually see it as they're facing you!).
I had a quick shower right after and changed into a robe.

For every services you avail, you also get a complimentary 15 minutes foot ritual.  The pedicure/manicure and food ritual room's interior is well decorated.  The ambiance is very relaxing!

A television was there right in the middle of the room just in case guests wants to watch cable television programs.

My foot spa started by dipping my feet into a warm tub of water as the attendant sprinkled some bath salts and scrubbed my feet and legs massaging it all at the same time.

I was offered drinks so I chose hot tea as I enjoy a bit of the magazines.

The foot spa ended with the application of lotion on both feet and legs and a nice massage.

Skin Nourishment Body Scrub 
60 minutes
Lemon-grass Sage Salt Scrub
Php1,500 (approx $35.00)
I was led into a common room for my body scrub, the room has its own shower, sofa and sink.  You get to strip off your robe for body scrub so it is advisable that you bring extra undies so you don't have to be in your birthday suit.

The scrub itself felt a bit uncomfortable at first as I seldom have someone "scrub" my body!  The pressure of the "scrub" can always be requested, I am glad my attendant have such "light" hands and I was put to ease in no time.  

After the scrub, I was asked to wash off the lemon-grass sage salt scrub and my skin felt moisturized immediately after even without oil or lotion.

Filipino Hilot
Php1,000 (approx $23.50) for 60min
Php1,200 (approx $28.00) for 90min
This can be done in a private room and I immediately took a shot as the room reminded me so much of my favorite private room in Shenzhen, China. 

I looked around and saw a sink, toothpaste and toothbrush just in case client would like to brush their teeth after!

The unique thing about Filipino Hilot is the warm banana leaves that was pressed on my back.  It immediately soothes the pain around my back and the massage done was to die for!  The massage started at the back area down to the legs then the head.  The oil used absorbed immediately into my skin miraculously leaving me with no greasy feel!

I actually dozed off a bit and woke up again when I have the Appertizer Facial next.  It was for good 30 minutes and they actually used Pevonia Botanica skincare products!   

After more than 3 hours of total treatment, I changed and went to Mr. AMW who's waiting for me in this waiting area.  Mr. AMW applaud the spa for the comfortable waiting area and he told me the staffs took care of him by offering drinks!

By the way, for any package you get, you can choose to include the SPA CUISINE to complete the ultimate pampering experience!  Though the meal was good for 1 person, I think it is even enough for 2!  I went back to the Foot Ritual room to watch HBO movie and enjoy the lovely dishes served with Mr. AMW.  It felt like a date night! :)

Spa Cuisine for the night:
Pumpskin Soup, Salad with Vinaigrette,
Teriyaki Chicken with rice and vegetables and Blueberry Panna Cotta
  • Staffs are very helpful and knowledgeable of each services offered.
  • Place is very clean!
  • Clean lockers, slippers and bath robes.
  • Hair brushes and blow dryer available for clients to use.  They have hair brush sterilizers available which I appreciate a lot!
  • Disposable toothbrush and toothpaste are available for clients to use.
  • I was told the spa also have disposable underwear.
  • Price is quite reasonable for the high class service they provide.
  • The spa has a lot of choices to chose from on Body Massages, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Body Sculpt, Hand & Foot Repair, Face Therapy, Other Services like ear candling, hair waxing, threading and a lot more!
  • The Spa Cuisine!  My overall spa experience ended around 10pm so most of the restaurants nearby were close and I was really hungry!  The extra service makes this spa a unique place to go to! 
  • Seriously good food!
  • The place is world class but it's not as accessible to everyone.
  • I know it is just me, but I came in with makeup, and after the sauna, I went out with HUGE panda eyes from my eyeliner smudging everywhere.  It would be great if they have facial wash or makeup removers available.
I will definitely go back and will take my parents with me!  I may not go for the same services I had as I find it a bit too much (I'm not used to being pampered for more than 2 hours! hehehe)  I will definitely go back for more body massages and seriously? I"m actually looking forward for more of their cuisine!  

Toccare Spa
4th Floor Antel Spa Suites
7829 A. Venue Makati, 
Makati Avenue, Makati City
Tel. nos: (632)555-1232 or (63927) 768-6556
Facebook: Toccare Spa

Have you heard about Toccare Spa? 
Which among their services would you try?  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy

(Services provided for PR purposes.  Reviews 100% mine.)


  1. ang sarap naman jan Ms. Nikki... if i can find time, i'll definitely visit them.. sarap ata ng food ah, nagutom tuloy ako..hehehehe:)

    1. Sis, if you're into Korean dishes, go!!! A good place to dine!

  2. that looks so relaxing! i'll definitely be trying out this spa since its so near me!

    1. sis! swerte, give it a try, the price isn't bad considering the place is high class talaga :D

  3. Tried their services last year when a groupon site had a valentine's promo deal with toccare spa. Their rooms and amenities are luxury! Though I haven't had a chance to try The Spa. The staff are accommodating and we had loads of refill of iced tea...hehehe. Would definitely want to go back but I wish they have another promo to cut down the cost....hehehe.

    1. Who knows? Let's wait for another deal and update each other!!! Worth it kung may deal ha! SUPER!

  4. pana cotta!!! ..gusto ko din ng massage! waaah! <3

    1. ahaha Pana Cotta O massage ang mas gusto mo? :P


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