Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Kogi Bulgogi

Happy Sunday! :)
Please do not get angry if you are seeing yet another "Korean Food" post, if you do, you'll get angry quite a number of times on my blog as you'll definitely see a lot of these blogged here! :)

Because I live at downtown area, seldom do I go to Eastwood, but because I had a makeup gig near by, Mr. AMW and I decided to drop Eastwood Mall!  We were walking around wondering where to eat, then we saw his Aunt! 

As advised by Aunty Anne *waves hi!*, the place to go for Korean food craving is called Kogi Bulgogi!

 Free Appetizer
We asked for second round of Kimchi, 
Seasoned Bean Sprouts and flavored dried fish

Php215.00 (approx $5.00)
Fresh noodles in spicy seafood ramen
The noodles are definitely fresh and doesn't come out from an "instant" noodle packaging!  I've dined in several Korean restaurants and I can immediately tell if the noodles they served are freshly made or not (it's a talent :P).   When you order Jjampong, you can request for your preferred level of spiciness! In my case, I went for Mild just so my tummy won't act up again!

Php165.00 (approx $3.40)
Beef with fried egg
Bibimbap is one of the many few dishes you can see me finish a big cup of rice!  Seasoned vegetables served with egg on top mixed together with beef slices and red paste gives an overall pleasure inside my mouth!  

 Dweji Kalbi
Php188.00 (approx $4.37)
Grilled pork served with fresh lettuce and spices to test your "meat wrapping" skills! :)  I like the fact that the pork served doesn't have a lot of fat, yet the meat remains tender because of the way it was sliced!

The restaurant is not that big and most of the time, it is packed with hungry customers!  The exterior could be intimidating but the prices are reasonable!  Ambiance is comfortable for family gatherings or even for dates! 

Servers were quick, attentive and helpful!  Kogi Bulgogi accepts cash and credit card payments.

Kogi Bulgogi
2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., 
Bagumbayan, Libis Quezon City
(632) 470-6884 to 85

Have you seen this restaurant at the Eastwood Mall Area?  Have you tried their dishes?  How was your experience?  Can you share to me another dish recommendation from this restaurant?  I'll definitely go back!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I haven't had Korean food in a long time. Gah...everything looks so good! I miss eating those banchan!

    1. girl, guess what ? I just had another Korean dish last night! :) ehehehe What's your favorite dish?

  2. Oh my, I love Korean food! My fave is bibimbap and samgyupsal. I hope I can go to Eastwood and try these..they look tasty ^_^

    1. Yes, give it a try or maybe this can be your next meetup with the girls! Naku too far though ang Eastwood sa akin!!!

  3. I've eaten here before! Love the bulgogi. Asked for second (and yeah, I think third and fourth) servings of bean sprouts and crispy dilis too!

  4. oh! I like BBQ too, U made me hungry :P

    1. ehehehe you can eat anytime there in Korea! oohh how I missed Korea!

  5. that jjampong looks delish!! love spicy food :D

    1. It is delicious! the noodles tastes great!!! Ahh thinking about it now makes me hungry!

  6. oh my gooosh, you make me hungry~!!!! good things that I'm eating ryt now, hege, korean food is my favorite~ have you tried sam gyeop sal? the meat is juicy all over and delicious!~!!

    1. Sam Gyeop sal, yes I've tried those but not in this restaurant! :) Also tried them in Korea :D

  7. Oh wow... will definitely try this restaurant the next time I'm going to Eastwood (this sunday..hehe) love spicy food...


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