Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Ukokkei Ramen Ron, Malate

Yay for Sunday and let's enjoy the rest of our weekend before we go back to work!
Since I gave birth, I haven't been going out as much (I'm sure most newbie moms can relate to that) so I haven't really been "out there" and try different restaurants.  Because I check my Instagram almost every hour, I can see the "trend" right now when it comes to food trip.  It's all about Ramen....

One of the many Ramen place that I would like to try is Ukokkei Ramen Ron since it's quite near my place.  So it was a perfect timing to celebrate my dad-in-law's birthday there!

Though we frequently go to Malate, it was a bit difficult for us to find the place, once we found it, the place was quite packed and I guess a lot of people are as interested as I was with such Ramen place.

To be honest, the place isn't baby-friendly especially the area where you have to take off your shoes, thankfully, Baby AMW is such a nice baby and he was quiet the whole time we had our Ukokkei experience!

Chicken Karaage
Php180.00 (approx $4.00)
Since it is called a Ramen Ron, you cannot expect rice dishes BUT noodles!  So far, I'm glad they offer appetizers such as this Chicken Karaage which made me miss KFC's Chicken Poppers (not sure if that's how they call it!) So far, it's good but nothing spectacular.

Yaki Gyoza
Php120.00 (approx $2.70)
Another appetizer that gets complaints by other consumers as the size is a bit small, as for me, it's quite good so it's worth the price.  If would be better if the size is a tad bit bigger but I actually do not mind as this is a nice thing to munch on while you wait for THE RAMEN!

Ukokkei Miso Butter Corn
Php360.00 (approx $8.18)
This is my bowl!  I don't know about you but I actually enjoy "corn" inside my soup!  Ukokkei Miso Butter Corn came with a single slice of pork, to be honest, I was hoping for 2 slices as the meat tastes so tender and good it almost melts into my mouth. I forgot to ask them to lessen the butter as I find the soup a bit too thick and creamy for my taste.  As for Butter Corn soup, I prefer the version from Kenji Tei (Greenbelt 5).

Ukokkei Miso Chashu
Php380.00 (approx $8.63)

Ukokkei Shoyu Chashu
Php380.00 (approx $8.63)

Special Tantanmen
Php380.00 (approx $8.63)
Okay, I was a bit surprise they have this available since the place was packed!  I read on other food blogs that the chef only make 10 bowls a night!  To be honest?  I have high hopes on this special ramen BUT, I find this too overwhelming on my "blah" taste buds!  Don't take my word for it, it is really tasty and the noodles are made so delicious with tiny pork tidbits that works perfectly with a mouthful, BUT, I find this too oily for my taste.  I guess it's because they're out of Japanese Eggs!  Toooo bad!  I was hoping to taste the "perfectly cooked" eggs people were talking about!

Ukokkei Aburasoba
Php340.00 (approx $7.80)
I haven't really thought of trying out "dry" ramen but so far, this dish looks delish!  Not my order so I can't comment!


Overall, I am happy with the service.  I just wish they don't go: "Sorry, we're out of that!" as there were quite a number of dishes that aren't available anymore!  And I'm not just talking about the Japanese eggs!

Mr. and Mrs. AMW happy with the empty bowls
Sorry Baby AMW, you have to wait 'til you grow older and I'll take you here again!

Ukokkei Ramen Ron
888 Gateway Plaza
2126 A Mabini St. Malate, Manila
Tel. no: (632) 516-5511

Have you tried Ukkokei Ramen Ron?
How was your experience?

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  1. glad you came by and it was open! tried to check out that particular branch last month and it was closed :< happy about your post! will go there this week.

    i love your blog. and your little family is LOVE.


    1. ohhh I'm so lucky then! and lucky I was able to reserve as the place was packed!

      Thanks for the comment love!


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