Monday, October 21, 2013

AMW Wears: Post Pregnancy Fashion

Happy Monday AMW Friends!
To jump start the week, let me talk about something else aside from makeup.  This post is basically meant for my mommy or pregnant readers who are excited to meet their bundle of joy! 

Let me tell you honestly that during my pregnancy, I didn't have ANY problems finding the right clothes to wear!  I guess with the 5 long months of morning sickness, I didn't gain as much weight only until the latter part of my pregnancy when my tummy and the rest of my body ballooned like there's no tomorrow!  But it was easy to pull out a loose dress or loose shirt as you know you won't be judged!  Let's be honest, when you're pregnant, you look cute whatever you wear and people are more forgiving!  :P 

Now, the real problem arises AFTER giving birth!  It was less than a month when I took Baby Kyle for his first checkup and it was a cartoon moment for me (Big eyes, huge perspiration on forehead, gasping mouth) ---- HELLO BOOBS!  HELLO FLABBY ARMS AND TUMMY and WELL WELL WELL...HIPS... I didn't know you can get THIS BIG! 

So I've decided to create this post for soon-to-be-mommies out there so you won't get the shock of your life the way I did! :P  

P.S. I'm in no way a fashion expert but I'm definitely an expert when it comes to my own body!  I wish mommies would be forgiving when it comes to their post pregnancy body!  Your body took 9 full months to balloon so give it time to go back to it's original state!  I won't discuss about diet and exercise here as it is obviously the best "tag team" in weight loss!  For someone who don't have the time or chance to exercise or diet (since I'm nursing and I'm always hungry!), here are some superficial tips on how to look at least half as good as you were before we...uhmm..ballooned? :D

Show your assets and hide your flaws
Fellow bloggers who see me after giving birth were kind enough to say I still look good despite the bigger arms, bigger tummy and tired face!  Since I knew in my heart (though my brain is still denying) that my arms are flabbier, waist is definitely wider and my hips gives Beyonce a run for her money, I knew I had to dress up to hide what needs to be hidden and show what I'm proud of!  After a good "ocular inspection" *laughs*  I've decided I have something I could be proud of!  Thankfully, I got my mom's "skinny legs" genes so I thought it would be smart to divert people's attention away from my upper body but down to my lower body instead!  

P.S. It is VERY important to wear cycling shorts underneath as flying skirt with undies showing WILL NEVER BE a fashion statement!  (Not unless you're Marilyn Monroe!) :P

Top: BeBe
Bottom: VanityRoom_PH Skater Skirt
Shoes: Parisian

Invest on Button-Down Shirts

Since I'm nursing, I usually express milk even in public!  Yes!  Inside the car, in a conference milk during makeup workshop breaktime, etc...  Sadly, my boobs are public property now!  *lol*  Just joking!  But true to what my friend Jane Kingsu would say, invest on button down shirts!  It makes breastfeeding or expressing milk a breeze!

AMW and Baby Kyle Matchy Top :)

Wear Dark Colored Outfits
Thankfully, the Preview VSA award has a "black and white" theme!  The 2 shades are great combination to create an illusion of a slimmer body! 

I picked a Poivre Two-toned overlap dress and thankfully, the dress has more black than white so it covers what needs to be covered at the same time, give me a slimmer appearance! 

Photo by: Martha of The Beauty Junkee
Aside from dark colored outfit, pick Peplum Tops or Dresses!  I know Peplum may be out of fashion but I find these types of outfit the best weapon to hide your bulging tummy without the effort of "sucking in"! :)

Wear Comfortable Shoes that Gives Height
Okay, as much as I would love to wear heels to add sexiness to the overall look, I know I won't be able to walk around comfortably with heels and an extra 18 pound baby! Well, even if on days I don't feel like wearing any shoes/sandals that add the extra height, I would at least like to wear flats that gives a statement! 

AMW Wears GLAD Sandals from Pill Footwear
Instagram account @pillfootwear

Aside from my favorite flats, I've decided to add the extra height by investing on comfortable wedges!

Lucy Pauleen Wedge Sandals
from Zalora

Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge

Fix Your Hair
Just to show you how literally "messy" a mommy's life is!  Check out my disheveled hair, all thanks to baby Kyle!  *laughs*  My daily hair would be a simple ponytail and sometimes when I dislike the way my bangs look, I would just wear a headband! 

Thankfully, Pinkbox created wonderful accessories not only for kids or teenagers!  I find they also have stuff that I need even as a mom!  The headband is something I've been looking for for ages and the extra plain black rubber bands doesn't hurt my hair at all!  I usually tie them on my wrist so I have something to use ASAP to pull back my hair even during wee hours of the night!  

The simple cute bows are a great addition to my love for hair bows!  (I have a couple which I bought from Korea and Japan!)

Overall, I still have a couple of pounds more to get back to my pre-pregnancy body!  It doesn't mean I'm in a hurry, I am taking my time!  This post may be superficial to some but I feel that real beauty is really feeling good about yourself inside and out! :)

Any other tips from mommies out there? :)

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love Pink Box. Not only my kids use it by I also wear them,, hehehe..

    1. I know what you mean< i find myself shopping at PInk Box for my own girly needs too :D

  2. Parang hindi naman nag-give birth :) Sexy and beautiful pa din! I agree about your legs, greatest asset which not all women have. Winnur! Inggit haha

    1. aww thanks sis I guess it's the breastfeeding and constant alaga kay Kyle, no yaya kasi! :) Exercise with Kyle everyday!

  3. i dont think u put on much weight AT ALL! u totally put me to shame after looking at all your pics here :p

    1. crazy lady! what putting you to shame are you talking about YOU gorgeous girl! I missed you!

  4. If I may add. For those who weren't blessed with long and skinny legs. Wear tops that draws attention to your breast area. V neck or anything that exposes more skin on that area to divert attention from not so flattering tummy.

    1. You read my mind! I actually have a separate post about that! :) Thanks for adding this up!

  5. I haven't seen you in person, but you still look the same as in your pre-pregnancy photos. And yes, your legs are very nice!

    1. aww, thanks for saying so! but trust me, I do have a lot of changes after pregnancy, I just embrace the changes and go with my life :D I'm happier now with a little bundle of joy!

  6. You're so lucky to have a flat tummy after giving birth..

    1. No no no, I do not have a flat tummy trust me! I'm just good at hiding it! hehehe :)

  7. hey, parang you're back to your pre pregnancy body na momma pa rin! ang cute niyo ni Baby Kyle on your matching shirts! :)

    1. awww, thanks sis! I enjoy our matching outfit too i would like to do more of that!

  8. Galing! A few pounds left only after a few months. It takes me 1-2 years to get to that :)

    1. thanks Cheryl, I guess it has to do with my "morning sickness" na lasted for 5 months that I have to "Thank" or "NO THANKS" to! Plus the fact na NO YAYA, so all the workout is on me :D


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