Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Sweet Bella Cafe

The first time I dined in at Sweet Bella Cafe was during the Benefit Confessions Event last year. I mentally took note on taking Mr. AMW here on a date but...I got pregnant, I gave birth, Baby AMW got all my time...the rest was history!  *laughs*

Earlier, I head on to Taguig to open a Kiddie Savings Account for Kyle, Mr. AMW accompanied me so it was perfect timing for us to spend quality time around Burgos Circle Area so I've decided to take him to Sweet Bella Cafe. 

For a lazy weekday, the place was packed!  I'm not surprised though as they serve wonderful desserts!  Check what we had for lunch!

Certified Angus Beef Spicy Tapa
Php299.00 (approx $6.80)
Spicy Marinated US Beef Strip
Sweetheart Mr. AMW ordered this because he knew how much I love Beef Tapa!  Thankfully, it wasn't that spicy (if you remove the sili labuyo).  A perfect brunch if you ask me!  I love how unique their beef tapa is, more of a bacon-like tapa thinly sliced and cooked to perfection!

Buttery Fettuccini with Bacon, Mushroom and Asparagus
Php288.00 (approx $ 6.55)
A blend of butter, full-heavy cream, herbs, Parmesan cheese. 
Drizzled with White Truffle Oil
Okay, just by reading the description made me gain 10 pounds!  But I didn't care, the inclusion of truffle oil sold me (plus the fact that I am a nursing mom so I have an excuse to eat more!) :P  
Sweet Bella's version of "carbonara" didn't fail me, I love the ample amount of asparagus, bacon and mushroom on each bite!  The serving was just right, I didn't feel the urge to "throw up" like I usually do after eating any dish with heavy cream!  This is definitely a thumbs-up dish for me!  Will definitely go back for more!

Overall, I enjoyed dining at Sweet Bella Cafe, the servers are very attentive and friendly.  The restaurant accepts cash and credit card payments and an additional service charge will be added on your total bill.

Sweet Bella 
Burgos Circle Rizal Dr.
Fort Bonifacio Taguig

(632) 844-8244

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  1. Such a nice outing! The food does look delicious.
    Hope everything is working well for your lovely family.


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