Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AskMeMom: Johnson's Baby Signature of Love Videos

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my very own SOL (Signatures of Love) announcing to the world my way  of showing unconditional love to my dear Baby Kyle!  I always have this mini conversation with Mr. AMW telling him how much I wish Kyle would have a recollection of the memories we had from newborn up to the present.  It must be my hormones going melodramatic but I'm glad Mr. AMW always has answers to every situation I'm in!  He told me that the mini kisses, gazillion hugs and one-sided conversations I had with Baby Kyle may mean nothing to the entire universe but it means everything to our little one!  It's a bond between me and my baby and it's a connection only a mom and baby would know! 

Mr. AMW is right!  Kyle reacts to all my "gigil" moments with him!  

 If you ask me, YES, I currently have thousands of photos of Kyle's different facial expressions and I'm sure mommies out there can relate!  Who wouldn't melt seeing our little ones reacting to our different Signatures of Love?  

And it's not just ME who shared special bonding moments with our babies and kids, thanks to Johnson's Baby, more than 200 moms like me also shared a video of their unique bonding moments with their babies and kids!  Johnson's Baby compiled them all for us to enjoy!

 After watching the video, it hit me, there will always be a secret language between a mother and her child, the bond doesn't only stop during the 9 long months of pregnancy, and it is just the beginning.  During MY newborn stage until (probably) the toddler years, I may not remember what my mom went through for me (sleepless nights, tired shoulders and legs from carrying me...etc...), but, the familiar touch, hugs, kisses and smiles gave me the most feeling of safety and love.  

I may have watched so many mother-child related videos for the past years but only now that I'm a mommy myself, I've fully appreciated what it really means to be a Mom.  A mother's heart is limitless when it comes to showing love and appreciation to their children.  

Cheers to all mommies out there!

How do you feel after watching the compilation videos of different Signatures of Love from mommies?
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  1. Awww your baby is super cute Ms. Nikki! <333 :)

  2. Hello Nikki! I keep a journal (on paper, not on the internet) beside my bed. Whenever I want to remember a specific event about my children, I write in it. I write the date, time down as well. I am not very consistent in writing in the journal, but I try. I keep separate journals for my 2 children. :)

    Motherhood is a wonderful thing, isn't it? It make us so strong because a little one is depending his or her life on you. :) Baby Kyle is definitely a heart stealer. :D

    1. That is super nice! I have a "FIRST YEAR" album for baby Kyle as well and there is an envelope on each month where I also put some nail clippings, etc... :)

  3. You have the most adorable baby I've ever seen! You must be so proud!
    Iknow the between my grandmother and I, there will always be a special connection, since she was the one who raise ever since I was a little baby. Looking at your baby's expression is quite visible he understands you very well. I wish I can have a cutey like that some day and go through the wonderfull process of being a mom. Congratulation!

    1. Thanks dear re: my baby! Thanks for sharing your relationship with your grandma! Lucky you, my grandma passed away when I was 8 yrs old so I didn't get the chance to bond with her!

      I'm sure you'll have a cutey baby in the future! :D


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