Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ben Nye Media Pro HD NK-1 Conceal-All-Wheel Review

I realized I haven't posted about concealers for quite sometime!  Not that my skin is perfect, but I have notion of "less is more" as always!  Since most liquid/cream foundations have good amount of coverage, I usually double up my foundation as a concealer!  That's the reason why I don't speak much about these.
But that doesn't mean I don't use them or need them!  As a professional makeup artist, a good concealer should always be available in your kit!  You may never know what your clients may request.  I have one client with a huge birth mark on his face who requested me to cover them for his hosting job.  Another client with freckles requested me to cover them (though I personally prefer them peeking out a bit)...customers are always right and we have to satisfy their requests and needs!  

I have been a long time user of the Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream palette and like some of you, I panicked when the store closed for a while so I immediately searched for something as good or even better!  Aside from my favorite HD brand Graftobian, Ben Nye comes to mind as these are high quality products meant for professionals that doesn't break the bank!   

My first Ben Nye Media Pro HD NK-1 Conceal-All Wheel

Ben Nye Media Pro HD NK-1 Conceal-All-Wheel photo review

The Conceal-All-Wheel comes with 4 concealing shades!  I personally think this wheel is a nifty product that can correct, conceal and highlight!

Top Left clockwise:  NB-2, NR-1, NT-2, and NB-1
Okay the shade names are confusing!  Don't worry, I'll share more about their usage if you get the bottom part of this post! :)

Ben Nye says ---
Artists rely on Ben Nye's distinctive range on neutralizers to conceal facial imperfections. Ben Nye's comprehensive palette expertly blends away temporary and permanent imperfections, including tattoos, birthmarks, and blemishes. All are creamy and high pigmented for seamless coverage.

Four effective concealers is a must for make-up artists.  Shades: NT-2, NB-1, NB-2 and NR-1

AMW says ---
  • 1 wheel comes with 4 concealing/neutralizing/highlighting products.
  • Pigmentation is really good.  One swipe can give medium coverage.
  • Does not enhance lines or wrinkles.
  • Applies like a dream, consistency is very creamy.
  • Can be layered without caking.
  • Does not fade midday.
  • Good for 30 months (wow)
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Once set, it doesn't budge.
  • Works for all skin types.
  • Packaging, okay, I like the 4-in-1 packaging but it could get a bit messy especially if you're in a hurry.   

  • This wheel is not for all skin tone.  The shades would work better for users with warmer skin tone.
Highly pigmented concealer with 4 shades to choose from or mix and match.  Long-lasting and budge-proof when set properly.

  • Best used with clean fingers, the warmth of the fingers make application easier.
  • Practice using all 4 shades to see which works best for your particular skin issues.
  • Mix shades if needed by using a spatula,  never mix shades on the wheel.
  • When it comes to concealer application, patting is the best technique to prevent concealer from sliding off.
  • Check out my photos below on how I use this Conceal-All-Wheel.
  • If you prefer more coverage, purchase the Ben Nye Tattoo Cover.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who can't live without a concealer/concealers.

Where to purchase and how much?
Got mine at Shopping District for SGD27.00 + shipping (approx PHp940.00 + shipping).  International readers can purchase here.  Local readers can try local resellers to save up on shipping.

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Shade names: starting from upper left clockwise 
  • NB-2 Blue Neutralizer- perfect for concealing dark under eye circles with bluish tint.  The is perfect for girls with medium to dark skin tone.
  • NR-1 Red Neutralizer- I find this best used as a highlighter.  Would work well to neutralize red if user is fair.
  • NT-2 Tattoo Cover - I haven't tried this on tattoos but I like this shade as my under eye concealer (since I don't have super dark under eye circles) and this works as my overall concealer as the shade is closest to my skin color.
  • NB-1 Blue Neutralizer - A lighter version of NB-2, works well to hide under eye darkness for light to medium light skin tone.

The darkest color in this wheel is perfect for girls with really dark under eye circles!  The orange/salmon shade will help neutralize bluish tint.

NT-2 is a tattoo cover shade, I find this shade perfect for my under eye circles!  This is also the perfect shade to help cover redness and pimple marks!  

Before and After Photo
With just a few dabs, it covers the darkness on my undereye area.  

the NB-1 Blue Neutralizer aside from using it as an under eye concealer, I also like to use this to cover pimple marks or dark spots!  I find this shade close to my skin tone. 

As for the lightest shade, I like to use this as my face highlighter!  
 (Photo below: Key areas on where I highlight, the product isn't blended yet)

Have you tried any Ben Nye products?
Which Ben Nye product do you think I should purchase next?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. How about try BEN NYE Banana Powder? I've seen pics of this powder in Instagram and wondering if it's good :)

    1. I have heard positive reviews about that too and I believe maganda siya though I haven't bought one yet kasi I have enough oil-control loose powder for now! pag naubos, I may try Ben Nye :D


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