Thursday, November 28, 2013

AMW Reviews: Ofra Lipsticks

Happy Thursday everyone!  Funny how each time I feature a lipstick brand, the shade that would always be featured is a red and a pink!  I guess most of us are looking for good pink and red lipsticks that can change the way we look in an instant!  In less than a minute!

As a professional makeup artist, that's my one little secret in changing the looks of my clients especially when they are on a Prenup shoot (wherein various looks are needed). Thankfully, I get to try Ofra brand via Glamourbox

There are no shade names but instead, it's numbered

For the sake of easy review, I will call them simply RED and PINK.

Shade 205 OFRA PINK

Shade 202 OFRA RED

Judging by the look on packaging, they look very matte and highly pigmented.  Please read my review and photos for a clearer picture on what to expect when you purchase an Ofra Lipsticks in 202 and 205!  Online shopping is difficult so I hope my pictures can help you out.

Ofra says ---
Get those lips looking luscious with Ofra Lipstick. It’s rich with antioxidants and Vitamin E, acts as a natural sunscreen, and moisturizes—your man won’t be able to resist kissing those lips all the time!

Available in 6 shades: 

AMW says ---
  • Sleek matte packaging.
  • You can easily identify the shade by looking at the bottom part of the packaging.
  • Non-drying.
  • Glides on lips easily.
  • Stays on lips without the tight and itchy feel.
  • The Red Ofra lipstick shade 202 lasts longer.  Around 4-5 hours without eating and a bit of drinking.
  • None of the irritating fragrance.
  • As opposed to the look on tube, both shades have a sheen finish, so if you're expecting a bold, very matte color, you have to read my tip below on how to "mattify" them.
  • Shade 205 Pink is more opaque and several application may be needed to get the bold pink lips!
  • The shade number/name is not printed.  Though it helps to see the color at the bottom part of the lipstick packaging.
  • Only available online as of the moment via Glamourbox.
Moisturizing lip color that stays for at least half a day (especially the red one).  Does not feel tight after application and lips remain soft and smooth.

  • To mattify your Ofra Lipsticks or any lipsticks in general,  blot your lips with an oil-control film or tissue paper and gently pat translucent powder on top with a big brush.
  • Use a lipliner for more defined lips.
  • To create bold pink lips, 3-4 application is needed to achieve that!  It is worth the extra effort as the effect is really good.  (Check photos below)
Will I repurchase?
Yes, especially the red one.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Bold colored lipstick-wearers who prefers an extra sheen and moisture like me since I have very dry lips.

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at Glamourbox for Php650.00 (approx $15.50).

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Swatch (One swipe)
top: Shade 205
bottom: Shade 202

Shade: 205
Before and After

If you look closely, you can see the original color of my lips underneath as the shade is more opaque in nature as compared to the red version.  I like it though as this is perfect for girls who want to wear bright and bold pink shade but doesn't have the confidence yet for such bold color!  This is a toned down version of MAC's Pink Nouveau.

AMW wearing Ofra Lipstick in 202

Shade 202
Before and After

If you do not plan to invest on a red lip liner, one tip to create a more defined lip especially when wearing bold red shade like this is to use the sharp end of the lipstick to first outline your lips then fill the rest of the color in.

Shade 202 is a blue based red perfect for instant teeth-whitening!

 AMW wearing shade 202.

Which one do you prefer on me?
Pink or Red?  

I will definitely listen for your advise and will wear the shade you picked more often! *promise*

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I think I prefer the red one on you! It brightens up your face! :)

    1. Thanks Issa, for someone who really isn't into red lipsticks, I guess I am forced to wear one because it does brighten my face! thanks for your feedback!

  2. Yeah the red one is pretty. This is my first time to hear this brand but upon seeing it, I think I wanna try it out. It seems like a great product to try out based on your review.

    1. Thanks Susie, the brand is new locally but it has been around internationally! :) Glad you find my review helpful! :D

  3. The pink one looks fresh, and the red classy. :)

    1. thanks for your feedback, so which one is your fave? :D Which color would you wear?

  4. The pink looks fresh on you, and the red classy. :)

    1. thanks for your feedback, I think I need the "fresh" as I have been tired and sleepy the past few days :) Thanks and have a great weekend

  5. I like the red one, one day I'll try this product.. Nice Review Ms Nikki


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