Friday, November 29, 2013

AMW Wears: (Extra) Sexy White Shirt

Happy Friday everyone!
Let's talk about fashion, I can't seem to stress more how I am into comfort especially now that I'm a mom!  

A few years back, I blogged about my favorite Sexy White Shirt tops and I've worn them a lot of times in white and gray!  I like pairing them with shorts, jeans or even glam them up a bit with a scarf or statement necklace!  

But, after giving me, no matter how much I'd love to wear my Sexy White Shirts again to feel *ahem* sexy, I can't!  Let's face it, my body isn't the same as before plus the fact that I am currently nursing my little one, (maybe it's a good thing), I"m more "gifted" up there!  *laughs*  Okay, I seriously blushed a bit while typing this!  

Thankfully, my favorite brand came up with Extra Sexy Collection that would fit Small to Medium Frame.  Aside from the said changes, I was told they sourced for more luxurious organic cotton fabric and I can really tell that these shirts feel and look better on me!


Recently, I posted about my version of a Post-Pregnancy fashion and one AMW reader did mentioned about wearing V-neck shirts/tops for those who aren't blessed with slim legs to show off the upper body assets!  I agree with her, that's why I'm creating this special post for the gifted "upper body" gals!  *laughs* That doesn't sound right!

AMW Wearing Dark Gray V Neck Extra Sexy
Php 475.00

I've decided to pair this with my hot red skirt during a makeup gig so I can move around easier!  Thanks to the sexy V-neckline, Kim did mentioned that I looked very "blessed" up there *another round of red cheeks* :P

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  1. hey sis! u do look really gifted now :P
    i love white tops, but i am not a fan of wearing it, because for some reasons i tend to stain my shirt no matter how careful when i am eating... i will definitely need a bib for myself when i wear white

    1. wahahahah you are funny sister! glad this statement came from someone I HUG with both arms and legs! So i'm okay with your comment! *winks* :P

  2. you look really good sis! you really look "blessed: hihi.... love your hot red skirt too!

    1. hahahah thanks Issa, the red skirt is old na pero glad I can still wear it, super comfy!


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