Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Dear AMW Friends,
Please watch this short video...

So true right? 
 And here are the statistics to wake us up..

 That's why Dove wants to change that! With Instagram, Facebook and Blogs, I would've thought the numbers have increased!  Well truth be told, I am one of the 93% who will never think of myself as truly beautiful, beautiful on the inside?  --- YES I am, beautiful on the outside? --- well...maybe, it is in the eye of the beholder you know!  

I always have this explanation when asked if I'm beautiful or not..a simple YES is quite difficult to pronounce!  
Just like me, I'm sure most of you feels the same.  That's why Dove is vowing to help turn things around to get more women believe they are truly beautiful!  A drive that seeks to get more Filipina women love and appreciate their own beauty, to increase that small 7%!

Instead of waking up each day focusing on our huge tummy, dark undereye circles, pimple marks, freckles, large thighs etc...why not focus on your gorgeous smile?  Wavy hair that gives a nice spunk to your personality, your defined collar bone that shows each time you wear a v-neck shirt? etc...

Keep focusing on those good traits and one day, you will wake up to actually feel and believe that you really are Beautiful!

And to support this campaign, I am joining hundreds of Filipinas in changing my outlook on what Real Beauty is.  It would be nice to look like models on magazines but do we really want to look like each other? 

 #IamBeautiful YES I am!  Start accepting  positive comments from others, digest it, accept it whole-heartedly and one day, it will be easy for you to say I am Beautiful without blinking an eye! :)

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