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AMW Reviews: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Core Collection

If you are into makeup and makeup tools alike, you probably know the brand of these brushes at a glance!

I for one is not a stamp collector or whatever collector as a hobby but I'm starting to call myself a makeup and nail art brushes collector!  I know I have enough brushes at the moment for both personal and professional use but to be honest, I am not stopping there!  Owning good, quality makeup brushes is an investment and I can still remember the past years when I would save up for a single pricey brush just because I knew good brushes will take me a long way in my career as a makeup artist!  Thankfully, nowadays, more and more quality brushes are made available at an affordable price!  So lucky YOU who are starting to collect brushes or who are starting your career as a makeup artist, there will always be inexpensive alternative out there! 
Now let's get back to the topic of makeup brushes, if you are a fan of PixiWoo on YouTube, you will know that one of the lovely sister Samantha Chapman created her own brush line called Real Techniques, seeing her use her brushes made me want to grab one from the screen and try them myself!  After months of thinking, and contemplating, I finally have one, thanks to Shopping District who packed and shipped my item quite fast!  I got the shipping information immediately over email, what took the package so long to get into my hands of our local P.O. (I'm not surprised!)

Receiving new brushes still give me the high until this very day!
 The Core Collection includes 4 brushes and a case+stand
Real Techniques says ---

Your based/flawless core collection 
high definition results 
online tutorials make you the expert 
My online tutorials share the real techniques behind makeup artistry. With simple tips and high-tech tools, every woman can be an expert. - Sam (Pro Makeup Artist + Beauty Blogger)  

Great looks start with a flawless base. 
Create a perfect canvas with my core collection of coverage essentials: 
look pixel perfect even in harsh light 
ultra smooth taklon bristles 

This Kit Includes:
Detailer Brush
Pointed Foundation Brush
Buffing Brush
Contour Brush
Panoramic Case
AMW says ---
  • Comes with a nice, friendly travel case.  Who wouldn't want a brush set that comes with free case?
  • The look: the ferrule is longer than the handle making it unique out of all my brushes.
  • All the brushes are very soft.
  • No shedding nor bleeding up until this very moment.  I had this for more than 3 weeks now.
  • Made of synthetic hair so you can use the brushes for both powder and liquid/cream products.
  • All the brushes have more than 1 function.
  • With the garter and the pocket and the texture of the brush handle, it is difficult to put back each brush.
  • The Pointed Foundation Brush is my least favorite, I find it a bit small than regular foundation brush thus application may take longer.  
  • Not widely available worldwide, locally, we have resellers.
  • The short black handle tends to collect dust or makeup powders easily.
A nice starter brush set for the face!  The Core Collection includes brushes perfect to create a flawless base (face).  Made of synthetic hair, sized a tad bit smaller than most commercial brushes so they dry off easily.  Please read my comment on each brush below.

  • Read the usage of each brushes by scrolling further down.
  • Wash the brushes immediately after purchase.
  • Core Collection is perfect for makeup users who aren't into eye makeup but prefers no-makeup look!  
  • Wipe the black handle with  makeup remover wipes.
  • Just like me, if you order online via Shopping District, they have a point system where all your orders will be rewarded with points ($1=1point).  The points can be used to rebate on your next order (minimum of 250points onwards).
  • If you plan to shop online, try to gather your friends' orders as well so you save up on shipping.
Will I repurchase?
Not the Core Collection but I'm interested with Starter Set which includes mostly eye brushes!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Makeup users who would want to invest on good, quality makeup brushes.

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at Shopping District online website for SGD38.00 + shipping (Approx Php1,300.00)

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The Panoramic Case that can be use as a travel pouch or a stand.

Upon purchase, you have a plastic case that separates each brush, you can choose to keep this plastic and use this when you dry your brushes.

Tighten the toggle to create stand.

This is how the "stand" would look like.  I personally took all the brushes and kept the case as I prefer to store my brushes in a container instead  I find putting the brushes back in its rightful pocket takes a bit of effort!

Buffing Brush
My favorite brush and the real reason why I picked the Core Collection. This particular brush have so many uses!  Aside from buffing liquid or powder foundation, I also enjoy using the brush to apply my cream and powder blushes, this brush is also a nice contouring brush!  I can easily adjust from light, medium to full coverage without the streaks.

Contour Brush
Aside from using this to apply contour and highlight powders, I also like to use this on random days to apply my blush product!  

Pointed Foundation Brush
If I follow the name of this brush as a foundation brush, this is my least favorite brush out of the 4 brushes in the Core Collection.  But I found a way to maximize the use of this brush, this brush actually works well as a concealer brush! Using the flat surface of this brush, I use to pat concealer on the undereye area (The size is perfect on that particular area).  Using the pointed tip, I can easily conceal redness on the sides of my nose.
 Detailer Brush
This brush is supposed to be used as a concealer brush, since that was covered by my Pointed Foundation Brush, I prefer to use this brush as my lip brush or on days I have pimple marks *knocks on wood*, this is the best brush to spot conceal pimple marks or small marks like acne and freckles. 
 The brushes have printed names so newbies won't have a hard time deciding which brush to use.

Overall, I am happy with my first set of Real Technique brush!  I am definitely going to try the other brushes!  

Have you tried Real techniques?  
Which among the 4 brushes mentioned above is your favorite?

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  1. have not tried this size of their brushes, but my favorites are the huge powder brush, it's fantastic for applying loose powder because i have a huge face! *cough* and their blush brush is also soft and lovely.

    1. LOL on your huge face! Funny girl! YOU DO NOT HAVE A HUGE FACE silly! :) I wanted to try that huge powder brush you're referring to! I wonder if their eye brushes are any good?

  2. Um, just a suggestion for people who would want to buy RT brushes. Kalm Cosmetics Ph in IG or Facebook (Phil. authorised retailer of Real Techniques) sells them for a cheaper amount. Core Collection, Travel Essentials, Starter Set - P989
    Kabuki Brush, Expert Face Brush, Blush Brush - P549
    Other RT brushes are below P500 na. Go buy na! Hehe


  3. RT Brushes are sold in Kalm Cosmetics PH (in IG and Fb) for a cheaper price! They are the authorised retailer of RT brushes here in the Philippines. Just sharing :)


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