Thursday, November 14, 2013

Quick Tip: Transforming Your Concealer into a Highlighter

You are in a makeup counter, trying out different shades of concealers, you tediously applied the closest shade to your skin tone on your face and after several decision making in your head, you finally found the perfect match!  You went ahead and purchase it.  

The next day, you excitedly applied your newly-purchased concealer and realized the concealer enhanced your flaws even more as it is a shade or 2 too light on you.

That's a normal situation for makeup buyers like myself especially when I was just starting out on makeup!  That's why I've created a "QUICK TIP" post for quick and easy techniques on how NOT to waste your money on wrong purchases!  I know in some countries, it is easy to return the item/s but since we aren't the lucky bunch, we end up with extra products we can't use saying bye-bye to our hard-earned money.

Quick Tip: Transform your light colored concealer into a highlighting cream!

I've done this trick so many times I even inject this in my professional work!  Since all concealers are matte in texture, I find highlighting using such product is more natural as compared to real highlighting products that tend to have some glitters or shimmers thus making highlighting too obvious! 

With the right highlighting technique, you will get an illusion of having good skin!  I also find highlighting the right areas will divert people's attention away from your problem areas like undereye circles, acne marks, pimples, etc...

AMW Concealer/Highlighter Application Areas
  • Brow Bones - since I have small lid space (Asian eyes), highlighting the brow bone area is the best technique to make it appear like you have bigger lid space!  You can highlight this area with or without eyeshadow.
  • Cheekbones - if you do not have prominent cheekbones, highlighting will accentuate it!  Aside from that, highlighting your cheekbones will create an instant "lift" to your overall appearance thus can make you look more awake and blooming!
  • Bridge of my nose - If you can't master the art of nose contouring, the easiest way to create sharper looking nose is by applying a highlighting product (in the case of this post, a lighter concealer shade) at the bridge of your nose as shown on photo below.  This gives an instant "nose lift".
In this quick tip post, I stopped at 3 major areas to highlight as I prefer highlighting to look very natural and not too made up.  As for the rest of you who are so into highlighting and want to go further, you can always highlight ---
  • Cupids bow - the small v on top of your lips.
  • Chin
  • Forehead

Even with direct flash and close-up, the end result is very natural and people won't tell you have makeup on!

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  1. I always love your tips! They are really useful! Thanks for sharing sis :) mwah!


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