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AMW Reviews: Native Union Pop Phone

Something non-makeup related for a change!  Yay!  
I haven't been reviewing "tech" products for quite some time and it is a bit of a refreshing change!  I've seen the Pop phones years ago and thought: "That is so 80's!".  Until recently, when I start to recently enjoy the perks of technology using Viber, Face Time or Skype to update and chat with my family both here and abroad, I realized the Pop Phone is something worth investing for!

Native Union's Pop Phone comes in various colors, from Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow those who aren't into K.S.P. (Kulang sa Pansin) colors, they also have toned down shades like Mint, Jet Black, Aquamarine, Lavender.

Since I'm KSP and I want my Pop Phone to match my makeup brush belt and Hot Iron Holster, I went for Neon Pink!


Native Union says ---
  • Retro-styled handset in soft touch green combines classic style with a contemporary edge
  • Compatible with all 3.5mm jack mobile phones and computers, including iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, and the latest MacBooks
  • Noise-reducing technology for a crisp and polished sound
  • Eliminates up to 99 percentage of the radiation absorbed compared to a direct use of mobile phones
  • One touch button for convenient pick-up/hang-up directly from the handset (not all mobile phone support function)
AMW says ---
  • Lightweight.
  • Clear audio.  Good sound quality.
  • Compatible with all 3.5mm jack mobile phones and computers.
  • The other end can hear me clearly, I do not need to shout for the other person to understand me.
  • No need to install, once you insert this to a jack, you can use this immediately.
  • Way more comfortable to talk to the other person on the other line as mobile phones tend to get warm after long usage.
  • Since my phone signal is bad at home, I put my mobile phone near the window and I can easily talk without having to stick my ear near the window.
  • Quite bulky to tote along, I prefer to use this only at home.
  • Price.  Depending on how much you need/use this. 
If you don't use this to talk to someone over mobile phone or through VOIP, this will just be another quirky and fun accessory that will be left to collect dust.  For someone who enjoys talking to my friends and relatives overseas using Skype, Face Time and other VOIP apps, I find this SUPER useful as the other person can hear me clearly and I can comfortably hold this between my ear and shoulder when I need to do some tasks! 

  • Best used at home.  I find it impractical to carry this with you inside your bag or during travel.  Adds extra bulk.
  • Since the color can easily collect dust or dirt, I store this inside a pouch after each use.
  • Same as me, if you have bad phone signal at home, invest one as this will make your life easier!  My ears are thanking me as this doesn't warm up like most mobile phones.
Will I repurchase?
Yes, I was thinking another one for the car!  Our phone is attached at the dashboard

To whom do I recommend this to?
VOIP addicts and telebabads (mobile phone chat addicts).

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally distributed by Digits Trading.  Available at Beyond the Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker for Php1,200.00 (approx $28.57).

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My Neon Pink Pop Phone goes well with my plain white iPad 2 case!

Native Union Logo

My mom loves to chat with Kyle almost every night, and having Native Union Pop Phone is easier for me to chat with her at the same time she can watch Kyle do awesome tricks :P  My mom told me the voice reception is better with this! :)

Do you think a Pop Phone is something you would purchase and use?
Since I got this, I can't imagine myself VOIP chatting without this!

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(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


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