Wednesday, December 18, 2013

AMW Reports: Smart Offers iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display and I got One!

If you see me in person, you'll probably see me attached to my mobile phones not with my iPad.  But truth be told, I hold on to my iPad2 like my underwear *laughs*  I know I know, the comparison sounds funny but I cannot live without my iPad2.  

It started when I got pregnant, I'm home ALL the time with 5 long months of morning sickness, what stopped me from going absolutely crazy?  No brainer games like Coin Dozer, Bubble Mania, Pet Society, Dragon Story, Pet Shop Story, Castle Story etc.... as long as I don't need to use my brain, I'm in!  And it helped me go through 9 long months of pregnancy spending HOURS laying in bed with an iPad2 and a pillow to support my back pain. Now that Baby AMW is out, I still hold on to my iPad2 especially when I express milk, imagine, 15-20 minutes of "down time"?  Instead of doing nothing, I multi-task by playing games as I express milk!  Yup!  I mastered the art of Octopus arms! :P  

Anyway, so back to iPad, when I got an invite to check out Smart's newest offer on iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display, I really took time out as I plan to update my fully abused iPad2 and I actually want something more lightweight!  Fellow mommies would understand that going out with a baby is like moving houses!  You carry so many baby stuff I even leave my personal bag behind!  

The event was held at Smart Jump Center, SM Megamall and I am very excited to share the plans as they are quite affordable!

Here are the specs of the new iPad Mini and iPad Air with Retina Display

iPad Air with Wi-Fi+Cellular 
  • Features stunning 9.7 inch Retina Display 
  • Thinner and Lighter Design.  20% thinner and 28 percent lighter than the fourth generation iPad.
  • Weigh just one pound.
iPad Mini with Retina Display with Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • 7.9-inch screen.
  • Features Apple-designed A7 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture.
  • ultrafast wireless with faster built-in Wi-Fi and expanded LTE cellular connectivity.
  • Newly designed iOS7
Now here's the exciting part, the affordable iPad plans SMART offers as presented by Ms. Anne Marie Lao, Marketing Manager of Smart Broadband Postpaid.

iPad Air  (Plan 1499)
  • Device: iPad Air 16gb
  • Monthly Fee: Php1,499
  • One-Time Fee: Php5,000
  • Inclusions: 55 hours of LTE/HSPA+/3G Browsing
  • Anti-Bill Shock: ON
iPad Air (Plan1699)
  • Device: iPad Air 32gb
  • Monthly Fee: Php1,699
  • One-Time Fee: Php5,000
  • Inclusions: 55 hours of LTE/HSPA+/3G Browsing
  • Anti-Bill Shock: ON
*Note: One-Time Fee for iPad Mini is Php1,000.

 The best part about these plan aside from the low One-Time Fee and monthly payment, I appreciate the fact that SMART guarantees Anti-Bill Shock, this ensures US, subscribers who work hard for our money not to worry about excessive data charges on monthly bills!  Ahhh that's stress-free!

And before the event ended, iPad Air and iPad Mini were raffled off and here's the BEST part that happened to me that day, I won iPad Mini with Retina Display!  When they called my name, I couldn't believe it!  I know people have been saying I have the winning streak, but truth be told, I don't!  When I was pregnant, I didn't get to win anything (amidst the pregnancy lucky streak).  So I guess LIFE is really full of surprises!  I seriously wasn't expecting to be lucky that day but I'm thanking GOD, the Universe and SMART Communications as my prayers of a lightweight iPad has been answered! 

Check out my HUGE smile! 

For complete details on pricing, please visit
To subscribe to any of Smart Bro's new iPad plans, visit the link above or proceed to the Smart Store near you.

What are you thankful for today?
Me, I'm still thankful for my iPad mini! hehehe I still can't believe it!
Now, I have to look for a nice casing, ANY IDEAS? :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. ang swerte!!! congrats! gusto ko narin tuloy magapply. T_T

  2. woohooo swerte ka talaga! ^_^ same here, i love playing games na hindi ko na kelangan magisip hahaha mishu

  3. wow, you are so lucky sis! congrats, you deserve it! :)


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