Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AskMeMom: Heaven Diaper

Hi fellow mommies!
How about a baby product review today?  I'm sure there are a lot of new moms out there like me who would like to know the best brand of diapers for your babies!

To be honest, I am one of those moms who asked via Twitter and Instagram for advice on what's the best brand of diaper for their babies!  As much as I would like to go for cloth diapers, because of our situation (Mr. AMW and I working plus the fact that we don't have yaya), thankfully, I wasn't judged online and I actually got loads of suggestions and believe me when I say, I bought them all!  Not at once but I tried all the well-known brand diapers out there!

Recently, I was sent a brand of diaper I only learned recently via radio.  The brand is called Heaven Diaper made by ACS (the maker of Star Wax, Pride, etc...) .  To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to test it out on Baby AMW as the well-known and more expensive brands failed me.

Back packaging

Reading through the packaging, Heaven Baby Diapers promises not only TLC (Tender Love and Care) just like that from mommy but also Total Leak Control!  Since I'm really into trying out new products, and of course, a product reviewer will always be a product reviewer... I smartly tried Heaven Diaper on baby during daytime just to make sure not to disturb his sleep from leak or "poopoo bomb!"  (sorry that's how I call it!) :P

After 4 full days of using Heaven diaper Medium Size on baby AMW only during daytime and got positive results, I finally mustered the courage and tried this out overnight on a weekend!  At least, I don't have work the next day if he disturbed us from sleep! 

From 10:00pm until the next morning around 9:30pm (yes, that's almost 12 hours!)  The diaper was really full and heavy yet there wasn't any leak or any signs of discomfort from Kyle!  The TLC (Total Leak Control) Promise really worked!

Aside from Total Leak Control, what I like about Heaven diaper is the Security Tape that's long enough making it work for all baby sizes!

The elastic waistband is comfortable enough to stretch or adjust even while Baby AMW is jumping around like a monkey!  Ahh, diaper changing is really challenging from 8 months onwards!

 Here's a photo of Baby AMW comfortably sitting on a sofa with a full diaper!  He doesn't seem to mind and doesn't feel uncomfortable.  He can move around without us having to worry about the diaper falling off or the waistband loosening up.

Can you spot little rubber ducky?

Happy baby means comfortable baby!

Baby AMW with Grandma AMW
Heaven diaper can be bought at leading supermarket nationwide.  Available in pack of 24s.
Small Php138.00 
Medium Php162.00
Large: 186.00
X-Large: Php210.00

Which brand of diaper do you currently use for your baby?

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  1. Baby AMW is sooooo cute! grabe, nakakagigil! :)

  2. I'm using XXL EQ (NOT the Dry one). It's much affordable around 190-205 pesos for 28 pcs. already. I'm a huggies user before but find it a bit expensive. I'm very much contented with EQ because it's leak proof too even if it's full of "weewee" na. I'm satisfied with it quality and quantity. It's not irritating my baby's skin too.

    1. oh I have tried EQ but the dry one! it doesn't work, so I guess I have to try the regular one no? well, I think with diapers, it's just like makeup, it works for some while it doesn't for others! :)
      Thanks for your feedback! :D Huggies is on the pricier side nga! I agree with you :D

  3. aww your baby is so cute!! hehehe ive been non stop using pampers for my babies.. dun kasi sila hiyang. but i was happy to know that may mas affordable pa palang diapers in the market like this heaven diapers. i will try them soon as maubos na yung stock namin. :) thanks for this post.

  4. where to get this ms nikki? saka hanggang XL lang talaga? EQ at Huggies lang ata ang may XXL? please help..

  5. san makakabili ng heaven diaper? i'm a regular shopper at rustan and sm hypermarket pero wala po ako makita =(
    please advise...thank u

  6. How cute naman your bundle of joy :) Thanks for the review sis, I've tried looking for the product to give it a try on my tot pero wala sa Savemore or Puregold.

  7. waltermart meron

  8. Sa waltermart lng b merun yan dto kc marikina wla ako mahanap s mga suparmarket


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