Monday, February 24, 2014

Initial Thoughts: Zenutrients

It's almost my birthday!  Though getting a year older, I don't mind!  I'm honestly excited as I can't wait to celebrate my 35th birthday with Baby Kyle! :)  I can still remember how happy I was last year with the little bundle of joy inside my tummy as he excitedly moved inside as my family sang Happy Birthday to me!  Now, I can literally see him smile and clap on my special day! :)

Seriously, how excited I could get?  My birthday is not until Friday!  Yes it's on the 28th!  But please bear with me...that's how I am..perky! LOL

Today, I will be sharing my Zenutrients favorite!  Because of Sampleroom, I was able to try Zenutrients products which I possibly wouldn't try on my own!  Speaking from the bottom of my heart, not because I'm one of Sampleroom's ambassadors but because I highly believe in Trying before Buying!  So please head on to the Sampleroom website, earn points and grab samples!  The company is match made in heaven for bloggers like myself.

Back to Zenutrients!  *laughs*  How can my introduction get that long? 

L-R Soothing Epsom Salt with Green tea, Delicious Milk and Honey Soap, Green Tea Reed Diffuser, Lotion, Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner, Single blend Massage Oil, All-Around Spahnitizer and Bug Repellant Spray

I honestly haven't tried all the products above!  But let me share to you my thoughts on some of the products I've tried.  Aside from the bunch of Zenutrients products above, I gave All Is Well Salve a try and loved it so much!  I loved it so much I forgot to include the product on the group shot above!  I was sick with really bad cold and cough a couple of weeks ago and because I'm breastfeeding Kyle, I went for the "painful" route and decided not to take any medication!  It was the hardest thing to be sick and not take any medication at all!  Thankfully, when Baby AMW is asleep, I would rub All Is Well Salve all over my neck and chest and it gave me the instant relief!  Fellow mommies have to keep in mind not to use this with your baby around you as any products with Eucalyptus & Mint shouldn't get closet o your little one.

 I did mention we moved home right?  Well, we weren't the only ones who "moved in" our new place, mosquitoes also celebrated with us and the AMW family got a wonderful welcome surprise on the first night at the new place!  All 3 of us woke up with several mosquito bites!  As much as I would love to call in Pest Control companies to bombard out home with pesticides, again, it is impossible with baby around!  Thankfully, at 2am, I remembered the Bug Repellant Spray I got from Zenutrients so I rummaged my organized "pile" and I literally lifted my arms and shouted "EUREKA!" when I finally found it! I sprayed this in all doors, hallway and windows hoping to "shoo" the bugs away!  Aside from repelling mosquitoes, our room smells so good, lemongrass gives a rejuvenating scent! 

Next, I'm trying the Green Tea Reed Diffuser which I will put next to our air-conditioner for an instant "SPA-like" moment!  Nothing beats having some relaxing scent on a newly painted room! *blech*

Have you tried any Zenutrients products?
Which is your favorite?  Any other recommendations?

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Keep smilin'
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(Product sent by Sampleroom PH   for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. uyyy, lapit na birthday mo! :) san na pala kayo lumipat? hindi na kayo sa gagalangin?


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