Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Food Trip at: Vikings Buffet Restaurant

Hi AMW friends!
Hope you're feeling great today!  I had a lovely Saturday and as you can check me out on Instagram (@AskMeWhats), you can see that I've done quite a lot of things in half a day!  *proud*

I also celebrated my birthday in advance with family #1 (Mr. AMW's Family) and there's more to go! The perks of being married, you have a HUGE family!  And I love it!

Speaking of food, finding a good restaurant to celebrate my birthday every year is a pain in the head (and wallet *lol*), you want to make sure everyone enjoys the food!  For me, a no-brainer birthday party venue would be a "buffet" restaurant!

So far, I'm not a fan of buffet restaurants as I don't want to stuff myself with food and get a stomachache after (yes, that's me being greedy!)  But early this year, our family celebrated New Years at Vikings, Macapagal Avenue and I was expecting the usual "buffet" restaurant wherein you just stuff your face with "so-so" food and not feel contented.

Vikings is different!  I actually enjoyed my experience!  To be honest, I wanted to enjoy it so much I didn't really take good photos of the food (plus the fact that we arrived late so there's not much food left on the buffet table!) 


Our Shabu-Shabu pick!

Here's a good news for you guys who lives close to SM Megamall! :)

Have you tried Vikings?
How do you like their food?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love trying out new restaurants! and this buffet looking great! love all the pictures!

    1. Thanks sis, though I'm not proud of the photos, thanks for still being nice :D

  2. Vikings is good and pretty affordable, yes? Despite being a picky eater (and therefore liking only a few items on their menu), I still love going back there!

    1. Same here, I seldom enjoy buffet restaurants but I'm really surprised how much I enjoyed dining there! :)

  3. SM MEGAMALL! Ok. So I don't really live near SM Megamall but I live a good two blocks from there which makes it so accessible on Friday night dates with the boyfriend. Hopefully we don't go there frequently to avoid getting fat 'cos I know how delicious and wide their selection of food is. GAAAAAAH! SO EXCITING!!! <3

    My sister has tried Vikings and she can't stop raving about how good the food was when they visited. I'm so jealous that even though my birthday is on August pa, I plan on placing our reservations as early as June! Haha. I heard some place their reservations a good three months prior. WOAH!

    1. 2 blocks away is near! lucky yoU!!!! let me know how your experience goes once you tried it! And advance happy birthday, wow you plan early :D


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