Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Minute Valentine's Gift Idea c/o Fruits in Bloom

Hi AMW Friends!
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  Are you like me?  Who haven't gotten anything for my loved ones on a last minute?  Well, here's  quick tip for you, you can always go for Fruits in Bloom as my mom and dad loved it so much when I gifted them on Christmas 2013!

Thanks Leah Dy , Marketing Manager of Fruits in Bloom for reminding me an option for this Heart's Day!  

P.S. I finished the fruits in less than an hour after receiving this!  It didn't even get the chance to be refrigerated!  *laughs*  

If you want to send edible arrangements for your loved ones, I highly recommend Fruits in Bloom, they were delivered by a very professional guy who never fails to advise you to refrigerate the edible arrangements right away!  

Instagram: @Fruitsinbloom
Twitter: @fruitsinbloom

Are there any other "gift Ideas" I can go for this Valentine's Day?

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