Thursday, March 27, 2014

AMW Reports: #Benetease in San Francisco

Hi everyone!
I am sharing a piece of what happened on why I was invited to be at San Francisco 2 weeks ago!  
Press people and makeup artists from around 40 countries were invited to take part of Benefit's biggest and grandest launch to date!  I have to apologize as early as now as you won't see in this blog post what the grand launch is about as it is TOP secret until May 1st!  But I can't hide my excitement with the newest product coming out in the market and I can't thank God enough on how perfect the product is for ME and for my clients!  

Okay, I have to stop myself as I may spill the beans!

The event was held at the posh Bentley San Francisco Showroom and I'll tell you more about what happened as you read on...

The scene reminds me of Matrix the movie

A girl came up on stage trying to steal something from the Bene-vault!

Of course, the next photos are kept in hiding as of the moment but all I can tell you for now is that the product is part of the famous and most sought after They're Real line!

 Mr. Jean Andre Rougeot, Federal beauty Investigator, CEO of Benefit Cosmetics came up on stage to welcome press people and makeup artists from across the globe.  It was a surreal moment for me to be part of this prestigious launch!

It was discussed, with passion, on how they came up with Benefit's newest product!  Inspired by real women, customers who come in their store day in and out!


The secret product on my lap!

Just to prove how good the "new" product is, Benefit Cosmetics flew 4 notable makeup artists to be part of the launch!  It was a lovely surprise to see Lisa Eldridge from UK in the flesh!

Seungwon Kim from Korea

 Carole Lasnier from France

Jeannie Robinette from the US

And of course, a warm welcome from Annie and Maggie Ford Danielson made this launch even sweeter!

I can't wait to share to you what I learned throughout this journey!
As for now, I'll leave the comment open for guesses!  Here are just some of the hints that I can share for now ---
  • Part of They're Real line.
  • Works women across the globe!
  • The packaging is revolutionary you don't see this in the market...yet!
  • Stays no matter what weather you are in!
  • You don't need to be professional to use this!
  • The product is very handy!
What's your guess? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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