Thursday, March 13, 2014

SanFo Travel Report: A Visit at Benefit's Beauty Central

Hi everyone!  I hope you like my SanFo Travel report and I will be sharing more for the next few days!  Tuesday marks Official Benefit Day!  We have an itinerary printed out but I can't help but feel excited as we really do not know what's going to happen in each destination that we are into.

We waited at the hotel lobby and it was a lovely surprise to see a Cable Car waiting for us!  Yes, just for the guests for Benefit's Global Event!  I didn't have the chance to take a photo of the cable car as we hopped in right away to head on to the Benefit Center!  On our way, I see lovely sites and I appreciate the nice architecture of old and new! 

Fairmont Hotel

Random building which I took a photo of as I love the red bricks!

We finally arrived our destination!  I am so excited to see the Head Office of the well loved Benefit Cosmetics!

Gabbi welcomed us so we had to take an obligatory shot!  Photo taken with Mega's Executive Editor-in-Chief PeeWee Isidro.

We don't know what's in store for us but we got a whole welcoming committee (Benefit US Staffs) welcoming us to a Bene-Fair!

Groupie with Peewee, me and Tasha
Forgive the bags, we haven't had a decent sleep for days!

It was lovely seeing the sisters Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson once again!  They welcomed us with a simple welcoming speech.

They also surprised us by reading a letter from their Mom and Aunt Jean and Jane Ford Danielson!  The sisters were emotional reading the letter from the founders of Benefit Cosmetics.

They also shared some heartwarming letters from Benefit Fans across the globe!

Then the party began as the door opened!  It is officially the start of  Bene-Fair!

I took a peek at the Pretty Room, it is really huge and I can't help but wish I have a tiny space that looked exactly like this in my own humble home!  Say YAY if you agree!

There were also free brow and makeup services!  I gave this a skip as my skin around the brows tend to turn really red after each brow session! :)

Buffet table for our brunch!

Now on to the Bene-Fair...

I won Porefessional and a pouch in a Porefessional game!

Of course the competitive side of me had to play another game and won a sample They're Real Mascara!

A nice saying to remember by...

Cotton Candy!  

 Tasha and I enjoying our cotton candies! I missed this!  Haven't had these in years!

More sweets and treats!

I got a balloon hat!

With Peewee Isidro

And of course, we could never say NO to a photobooth!

I had a lovely time visiting Beauty Central!  I can't wait to share more about my day in the evening!  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably knew that my next report will be our Alcatraz Island Adventure!

What's your favorite part at the Beauty Central?

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Stay happy!


  1. I'm loving the entire fair theme of the event! Makes me wanna go back to my childhood. Actually, kulang na lang rides! Hahahaha!

    Oh, please say hi to Miss Tasha for me! :)

  2. kainggit Ms.Nikki! my fave parts are the games and the food. :) sana meron din nito sa Philippines na open to BDJ Fair.. :))))


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