Monday, April 7, 2014

AMW Reports: AMW Attends Dove 1st Summmit

I got an invite to attend Dove's First Ever summit for 2 days at Sofitel Philippine Plaza.  I do not usually take 2 days off during weekdays to attend events but the message Dove wants me to help share is something I strongly believe in, so it wasn't a difficult decision to set my busy schedule aside to spend time with people from Dove and people who believe in the #RealBeauty movement.

Did you know that?
Only 7% of Filipinas actually consider themselves beautiful?


I am NOT surprised as I am part of the 93% who always think I shine because I have a good heart!  *laughs*  Seriously, back in the day when I was in school, when a guy courts me, I would always think on top of my head: "What's wrong with him?  Did he want something from me?  Am I showing some signs for him to like me?"  

Yes, I was paranoid and I am sure in some way, you are able to relate (I see nodding!!!!)

Why do we feel that way?   Well, we have been bombarded with messages about how we are supposed to look almost all our lives!  To be considered beautiful, one has to have long straight, shiny black hair, fair skin and oh, let's not forget the Coca-Cola bottle body!  

Thankfully, Dove believes that Real Beauty is not about living up to an imposed standard but Real Beauty is indeed, in every woman, a uniqueness that makes us special and beautiful!  So for 2 days, Real Beauty was celebrated and

We were challenged to strip off our makeup and mingle with everyone else!  *OMG*

Let's just say, it wasn't a difficult task for me to do so as I'm used to taking photos of myself Bare Faced for "before product usage shots".  But deep inside me, I still cringe for the fact that I'm not putting my BEST Face Forward!  Come on, it was just in time when I have waves of allergies all over my face and body!  Yes, I want to hide!  But I'm taking this challenge to help convey Dove's message to YOU!  Thanks to Gnie for taking my photos!  I actually enjoyed this shoot!

photo taken without any makeup, no Photoshop or any photo editing tools. EEEEKKK!
Now that we're all comfortable showing our real skin, it was time for Dove to show us theirs!  The next day, we get to understand the Dove products we love, and I have to admit, after learning the scientific side of Dove products, I went home loving the brand more!

Let's talk about Dove Skin....

I learned that having glowing skin is possible through moisturized skin.  Using ordinary soaps can leve skin rough and dry because it strips away moisture along with dirt.  As we all know, learning from Cleopatra, using milk can help make skin soft and smooth.

So let's try the Dove experiment, milk was used and moisture level was measured, then Dove was used and the moisture level doubled up right in front of my eye!  After this quick experiment, I actually went home and started using my Dove body wash again! 

Now on to Dove Hair....
I never thought that 8 out of 10 Filipinas have damaged hair and only 1 in 3 actually use damage-repair product!  Thankfully, I'm proud to say I'm the 1 out of the 3.  I use damage-repair products faithfully but I'm still scared to do the test done by Dove.  Damaged hair will sink as shown on photo below, why?  Because damaged hair have gaps and holes thus hair is susceptible to dryness, brittleness and breakage.

To prove Dove Hair Care Products have Keratin -Actives technology that goes deep into the cellular level to repair these gaps and holes, one hair was applied with ordinary shampoo as the other with Dove.

Check out the amazing result!
L- Ordinary shampoo, hair sunk.
R - with Dove, hair was floating because gaps were sealed!

Dove Deos

Who are comfortable raising their arms in public?  NOT ME!
Tell me why!  Chicken skin, dark underarms..don't they just look yucky? hahaha

And Dove wants to change that, because women subject their underarms to constant damage through shaving and plucking, Dove produces Dove Deodorant with unique formulation of 1/4 moisturizing cream and Vitamins E & F to help moisturize underarm making it less prone to damage.  Dove Deodorant promises whiter and smoother underarms in just 7 days --- that..I'm so excited to test!

To show my confidence with my underarm, I did use the Dove Deodorant given by Dove, I shared my Reaching High Moment....

For Baby Kyle

Thank you Dove for the Real Beauty campaign.  In just 2 days, I've learned to love my own skin and I want YOU to feel the same!  As we all know, a woman is at her most beautiful when she is confident with every part of her body!

Today, share the confidence and your real beauty to me!
Tell me, which part of your body do you love most?

I am proud to say, I have a genuine smile!  As I smile through the heart!
I'd love to say I have good skin but thanks to my allergies, I don't have that for now!  *Laughs*  I'll be back with a vengeance allergies infested skin! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow it's so fun you got to attend dove's event. Really sucks my blog doesnt fit in their real beauty campaign haha. I'm an advocate of skin whitening and glutathione kasi. :p

    1. hahah keri lang! if it makes you happy why not coconut? :D


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