Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Food Trip at: Pho, San Francisco

Hi AMW friends!
I'm sorry if my food photos are still on a US mode, well, since I'm back, I haven't really been going out to eat as I'm not feeling 100% well!  As much as I'd love eat, my nose is stuffy and my throat is painful!  So yes, homecooked meals is still what I'm looking for!

BUT, looking back to my US trip photos, I can't help but reminisce on the wonderful food I've tried, thanks to my friends and relatives for taking me to the best places to dine during my short trip in San Francisco and Los Angeles!

Today, let's jump back to San Francisco!  I'm not a fan of Vietnamese dish, when my friend's husband suggested Vietnamese food, I immediately said yes because I'm quite open with trying out various dishes but never thought this restaurant will change my view on Vietnamese food forever!

AMW and Baby AMW at Pho

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Really fresh spring rolls with vegetables and shrimps.  You can literally bite the freshness of each ingredient and the peanut sauce is a perfect partner in this appetizer.

Pork Chop Rice
Aside from the size of the pork chop that made me happy, it was cooked just right.  The Vietnamese Fish Sauce is not like any other fish sauce I've tried in my life so I literally had to ask if I can purchase this sauce in bottle but I was in vain!  

Pho Dac Biet (Large Bowl)
USD7.55 (approx Php380.00)
Special Combo With Rare Slices of Steak, Well-done Flank, Tendon, Tripe and Beef Ball
 Very flavorful soup and the slices of steak are really tender and almost melts into your mouth on every bite! 

Bun Bi Thit Nuong
USD8.15 (approx Php380.00)
Shredded Pork and Charbroiled Pork Over Vermicelli Noodle
 My friend and her husband's favorite and I can understand why!  The charbroiled pork is very tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside and the sauce is the wonderful secret to this dish!

Aside from Mr. and Mrs. AMW, baby AMW was really happy with his first Vietnamese food experience!  He loved the soup so much look at his cute expression caught on cam!

 Thanks to my friend and her family for taking us on a food trip at Pho Restaurant, after trying this authentic Vietnamese restaurant in California, I can now say, I appreciate Vietnamese dish more than ever!

Do you like Vietnamese food?
What's your favorite Vietnamese Dish? 

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