Tuesday, May 13, 2014

AMW Wears: Sammydress Blazer on Eazy Fashion Caramia Pop Flowers & Cream Dress Set

"Your closet must be full of clothes!"
That's what my friends usually comment when they see me attend events here and there!  True enough, I do have quite a number of clothes but I'm not the type who would purchase new outfit on every occasion/event!  

Even before being a mom, I knew my priorities in life so I never spend too much on clothing!  I try to purchase basic pieces for me to easily mix and matche just like my recent online purchase from Sammydress and Eazy Fashion.

Okay, I try to veer away from online shopping but as long as I know I get good deals, I wouldn't mind the waiting time!

I've shopped at Eazy Fashion quite a number of times so I'm comfortable with their service and the quality of the clothes they sell.  As for Sammydress, it is my first time to shop with them but so far, I'm quite happy with them!

EazyFashion Caramia Pop Flowers & Cream Dress Set
Retail price: Php880.00 (approx $19.50)
Wholesale price (if you purchase 3 items above): Php632.00 (approx $14.00) 
Free shipping for any single order worth Php1,000.
I have been eyeing this for quite some time as I worry about the length of the dress, but after constant lurking at their website, I finally gave in!  You get 2 items for the price of 1!  That's worth the gamble for sure!  And I'm glad I gave this a go!  The floral print dress screams "NIKKI" all over and the cream cardigan works so well on any outfit!  I can easily pair this with pants, jeans, shorts, skirt etc...!


Since I plan to wear this dress on my recent Burt's Bees x AMW Daisy White Counter Event, I went for a more formal look!  It was the best time for me to pull out my Sammydress Graceful V-Neck Stripe Lining Long Sleeve Solid Color Slimming OL Blazer for Women (okay, that's a mouthful so I'd rather call this a pink blazer).

Why would I go online shopping for a single blazer?  Seldom can I find colored blazer with "slimming" effect minus the collar!  I've been searching for this particular blazer for months now and I'm glad to have found it via Sammydress!  Priced at $11.40 (approx Php513.00) + Flatrate Shipping $7.81 (approx Php351.45). Not bad as I've checked local blazer prices can go up to Php1,500!  To save on shipping, I highly recommend you to purchase more than 1 item.  Best if you share shipping rate with your friends!


Overall, the shopping experience was fun!  I received the package 3 weeks after I placed the order and Sammydress sent me a tracking number as well.  The only downside is that I have to pick the item on our local Post Office (which happens to me on ALL international online orders.)

Yes, with 3 items, I get to mix and match and expand my wardrobe!
How do you change your look from casual to more formal?
Have you shopped at either Sammydress or EazyFashion? 

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  1. wow, I love your dress and blazer! I've been looking for something similar too! I'll definitely check out both sites! Thanks and please post more outfit photos!

    Crystal L.

  2. Love the shot of pink, such a sweet look! you look beautiful!

  3. Replies
    1. it is an added bonus pa that the dress is so comfortable to wear lalo na this summer!


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