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AskMeMom: Travel with a Baby

Hi AMW Friends!
How are you today? I have a couple of mommy readers who emailed me and asked me how it was to travel with Baby AMW during my most recent US Trip!  I won't is extremely CHALLENGING but definitely a challenge worth accepting as exploring a new country with the people you love is PRICELESS!

Prior to visiting San Francisco and Los Angeles, I made research on how the weather was by asking friends and relatives who live there!  I knew San Francisco will be windy and cold so I brought extra jacket and pants for layering! 

This layering may look funny but it helped keep Baby AMW warm!

Aside from researching about the weather, you have to know where you are staying and see how you can prepare your baby's meals!  Since Baby AMW is on his 11th month when we traveled, he's definitely onto solids so I had to make sure he gets the right nutrition even outside of home!

Baby AMW eats home cooked meals, for the first week we were staying at the hotel (with no cooking utensil), we bought instant baby food (for backups) and usually dine in restaurants who serve rice or mashed potatoes and soup!  It also helps to ask for take away container so you can save up some of the dish for baby's next meal!

Thankfully, the following days get easier as we stayed at my friend's house in SanFo and my aunt's house in LA so home-cooked meals are easily available!

Tip #2 Baby Formula/Breastmilk
If you are still breastfeeding your baby, you are safe as you can easily give your baby his needed milk anytime/anywhere he needs it.  But, if you are on milk formula, bring at least a whole carton of it for you to survive at least a week or 2.  If you are traveling long-haul, research if the country you're visiting sells the same milk formula you are using, if none, ask your Pediatrician for an alternative!

Tip #3 Diapers
Diapers are heavy and can take up a lot of your luggage space.  Bring enough diapers for at least 3 days and be open with the idea of purchasing baby diapers.

Tip #4 Snacks
Back home, Kyle only eats 3x a day and that's it!  No snacks in between!  But if you're traveling outside of the country with major time difference, it is best to bring some baby cookies and fruits for him to snack on anytime of the day when food isn't readily available! 
Of course we didn't feed Kyle cotton candy, just for pictorial purpose! :)
Tip#5 Crib
If you are staying in a hotel, request for a crib and thankfully, St. Regis San Francisco is a baby-friendly hotel so you get not only crib but a bear and J&J baby wash, lotion and shampoo!

Tip#6 Baby Carrier/Stroller
I knew from the start that my friend in San Francisco has a spare stroller and lucky me, my Aunt and Uncle in LA borrowed one as well so we didn't need to bring with us a bulky stroller!  It all boils down to what your baby is comfortable with.  As for baby AMW, he's always been a "carrier" type so our baby carrier is indeed a life saver as it helped kept my hands free. It was an added bonus that baby AMW can see the view that I see, he's actually enjoying every minute of our "lakwatsa".

Tip #7 Book day tour
Instead of committing full week of activities, book a day tour so you may choose the day both you and the baby are energetic for some  major sight-seeing!

Tip#8 REST if you MUST
Give yourself a break, do not set your schedule too tight wherein you'll get frustrated not completing your travel itinerary!  Mr. AMW and I kept everything light, we stopped to take a breather at supermarket, parks, etc...!  And the best part about resting?  You get to see the real beauty of each city and people watching is actually as amazing as sight-seeing!

Tip #9 Share your photos and call your loved ones back home
I purchased a US prepaid sim card but to be honest, the line isn't dependable!  I had a hard time finding good signal at key areas of the city.  Thankfully, I brought with me my local mobile.  I activated my Smart International Roaming services and it helps to do some research on how much the rates are so you won't get bill shock!  So far, I'm glad the rates are in Peso so I don't have to "estimate" how much my total phone expenses are once the bill arrives!

If you want to learn and see the rates for each specific country, click this link --- >

The international calls I made back home are worth it as Kyle literally had tears in his eyes when he heard his Grandma's voice!  It helps to surround your baby with familiar sounds and object for him not to get homesick!  I believe babies get homesickness too!

Tip #10 Accept Help!
Thanks to my friend (Hi Jals!) and my Aunt, Uncle and cousin for making our US trip extra memorable!  With extra hands around, Keith and I were able to enjoy the usual tourist-y stuff!

Last but not the least, just enjoy the experience!  Don't fret when baby poops or cries in public!  You know this will only happen once in your life as your baby will grow into a big boy/girl someday and won't need you as much as he/she needs you today!  I look at this as a major workout 2 weeks of my life but looking back, I won't change a thing!  I will definitely do this all over again!

Extra Tip:
Don't forget to keep the romance alive!  Take couple shots when baby is asleep!  Some parents tend to forget that the trip was meant to keep the bond of husband and wife stronger!  Take shots of it so you can always look back and laugh about all the crazy things you did just to keep your baby sane!

Photo taken inside a Bart
Fellow mommies, any travel tips you may want to add?
The comment section is open for all! :D

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