Thursday, June 5, 2014

AMW Reviews: Flawless Face and Body Clinic

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Are you surprised to see a "facial" review on my blog today?  Well, I'm surprised myself!  I've been very vocal in telling everyone how I try to veer away from trying out facials as I have not-so-good experiences in the past (pre-Blogging days).  I may be a loyal facial customer during my work days in China but things have changed when I returned back to the Philippines.

I have been offered free facials, body services here and there for the past 5 years, but you can only count the times I actually tried them!  I'm a sissy when it comes to my skin!  I am so afraid of skin breakouts or irritations I often say "NO" right away.

But what made me say YES to a Flawless service?  Not because it was offered to me for free but because I was starting to see breakouts here and there for the past few weeks!  After I stopped breastfeeding, I'm probably just waiting for my "monthly period" to happen after 2 years!  Pimples were sprouting here and there and after trying to "wait" for them to disappear (which didn't happen overtime), I've decided to give Flawless facial a try! 

AMW visited Flawless Face and Body Clinic SM MOA Branch

First impression ---

  • Staffs were very friendly and knowledgeable of the services they offer.
  • Various products are displayed for clients to see what the clinic offers.
  • The waiting area is not huge but comfortable enough.

ISKIN products caught my attention
What I like about Flawless is that they have an in-house Dermatologist readily available anytime for you to talk to!  I've tried other facial services in the past and I always get the answer of: "Off si Doctora eh".  

Dra. Memije, MD was available to listen to my skin woes!  I immediately told her I won't be taking anything "strong" like microdermabrasion or anything related to extreme peeling as I have extremely sensitive and dry skin.  Dra. Memije, MD agreed and advised me to try their Cell Booster Infusion Mask!  The term sounds interesting and after constant check, I was put to ease that this facial is the right one for me!

My area.  The place was small but not cramped! 

"Cell Booster Facial is designed to combat the effects of and protect the skin from the destructive free radicals that we encounter every day.  Aside from that, it helps rejuvenate and improve our skin's cell architecture by nourishing it and encouraging the tissue regeneration process."

AMW says ---
  • Beds are comfortable and clean.
  • They take "Guaranteed Hygienic" seriously as they show you the "pack" they use for each client.  I feel safe that they are not reusing cotton pads or wash cloth.
  • They didn't hard sell me services that I don't want to try.
  • On pricking:  I immediately asked the lady to only prick specific breakouts that are obvious and leave the rest behind, thankfully, she listened and didn't push to do services that I'm not comfortable with.
  • On Cellular Booster Facial, I felt a bit of tingling sensation that bothers me at first few minutes, I immediately voiced out my opinion and I was told this feeling was normal.  After 2-3 minutes, the sensation was gone and it was relaxing.
  • The lady who did my facial was very friendly, I had an amazing time chatting with her I was even surprised an hour already passed!
  • After the service, I went to the restroom right away and expect to see a "stressed out" face without makeup.  But it was a huge surprise to see clean, bright and rejuvenated skin starting back at me!
  • After 2 days, the pricked pimple was finally GONE!  It has been there for almost a month!  So Flawless Facial really helps! :)
  • No redness, rashes or skin irritations.
 I also went home with my own Cell Booster Kit, if you are on a budget, you are not REQUIRED to purchase these products!  

Cell Booster Kit

I also got my own prescription from the Doctor on how to apply these products!  This helps for users who are clueless on skincare products usage.

The Cellular Booster Infusion Mask Facial costs Php1,400.00. But, lucky you as they have a promo this month of June which includes the Cellular Booster Infusion Mask Facial that I tried!

Back 4 More Promo
Enjoy 50% more sessions this month of June with service packaging you purchase all month long, including facials, Nano Power Peel, Fractional Needling Therapy and the Flawless Beauty Dip.  The services are transferable so you can share them with your friends and family.  Promo runs June 1 to 30, 2014.  Visit for more information and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. #AlagangFlawless

Have you tried services from Flawless?
What other services do you recommend I should try?

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  1. I get my facial treatment done regularly before I started blogging.My quest for not needing a facial treatment via using various products has been quite exciting. I would want to try getting a facial again... Thanks for trying out Flawless for your readers, Nikki!


    1. so how was it? Did you find any products that works like going to facials? Do share



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