Friday, June 6, 2014

AMW Reports: Philips Haircare Glam Night Event

Year 2008, I bought my first "big" blowdryer and I took my time researching for a trusted brand.  I went for Philips JetSet Control ION HP4883 (click link for my past review) and I made the right decision because it is still good as new at the moment and mind you, I use this dryer almost everyday!  I even tag this blowdryer with me when I do hair for my clients.  

I'm not really sure if this specific model is still available (I bet not!) but when I was invited to Philips Glam Night at BlowBar Serendra.  No matter how busy my schedule was, I had to squeeze them in as I love Philips Hair care products and I vouch they really last (as long as you take care of them!)

And I have a new crush because it came with a lovely pearly white color!

Philips ActiveCare

It was perfect that the event was held at BLO BAR Serendra, I mean, where else can you test these Philips styling tools?

I picked Holly Would hairstyle as I'm off to another event after! :)

Though this was only my 2nd time at Blo Dry Bar Serendra, I felt immediately at home because I was surrounded by products I LOVE and friendly staffs!

2 types of blowdryer was used while a Blo Bar staff explained to me how nice these styling tools work!  This pearly white one is big yet lightweight...

While this black version is more compact but has a bit of weight!  Both works well on the "heat" department and my hair sets pretty quickly!

I was actually in a hurry so I whispered to the BLO Bar staff if she could work her magic quickly!  My request was granted and it was a true test on how effective the Philips Hairdryer used on me that night.

My hair after!
Haircolor by Matrix Professional

Thanks Philips and Blo Dry Bar

Since I was in a hurry, I wasn't able to check out the other tools from the Philips Haircare line!  I will definitely look for them in malls as I'm eyeing for a new flat iron! :)
Hello Glam Hair! Goodbye Damage!

Do you own any Philips Styling Tool?
Which particular hair styling tool you can't live without?

Mine would be a blowdryer!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. whoa! I want a holly would hairstyle nice...very pretty AMW :)

    1. thanks, never thought it'll look nice on me hehhe (shy)

  2. wow amazing! so much volume and bounce. you nailed that holly would look.

    1. thanks I wish my hair looks like that everyday! :D


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