Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Sunblock Brand: Ocean Potion

I came from the generation of Coppertone as the ONLY sunblock brand (say ME TOO in comment box if you agree para di naman ako nag-iisa! lol) The highest SPF would be 25 and I feel like it was the best protection out in the market back then!

Global warming wasn't as bad I feel like a dinosaur!

Back to sunblock, a decade (or more) later, various brands of sunblock are popping out in the market and I'm glad to have more and more choices out there!  The choices are endless and the best part?  These sunblock smells better and definitely feels better in the non-greasy department!

More and more brands made locally available means there are more demands in the market for sunblock and I'm very happy that we are now accepting sunblock as part of our daily skincare regimen because I truly believe in SUNBLOCK as the BEST not-so-secret-secret in anti-aging!

I recently chanced upon a new sunblock brand (maybe not for you but for me) called Ocean Potion.

L-R Xcelerator X Spray Gel, Aloe Lotion, Sport Cooling, Face Potion 45 and Quick Dry 30 Sunscreen

Ocean Potion offers a complete range of suncare products that not only help prevent sun damage but based on the description of their products, they also nurture the skin with natural sea plant extracts, anti-oxidants as well as Vitamins A, C and E!

Not on photo, I am most interested with their Lip Potion which is ideal for everyday use.  Aside from that, I also learn how wide range of products they have as they also offer Ocean Potion's Kids and Babies line which I wish I learned early on as I went to the US with Kyle having sunburn on his face when we visited Universal Studios and Disneyland!  

Ocean Potion also offer after-sun lotion and gel, which is highly as important as sun protection itself as our skin tend to burn and get irritated after sun exposure, this line helps moisturize and heal the skin.

Some price points for your reference ----

  • Ocean Potion protection line is available in 3 variants: SPF50 Anti-aging Sunblock Lotion 8oz for Php505.00, SPF50 Anti-aging Sunblock Lotion 3oz for Php365.00, and SPF50 Anti-aging Continuous Spray Mist 6oz for Php549.00. 
  • Ocean Potion sports line is available in 2 variants:SPF30 Oil Free Sport Sun Protection Mist 6oz for Php545.00 and SPF30 H2O Water Sport Sun Protection Mist 6oz for Php545.00. 
  • Ocean Potion specialty line is available in 2 variants:SPF45 Lip Potion 0.15oz for Php165.00 and SPF45 Clear Zinc Face Potion 1oz for Php275.00. 
  • Ocean Potion kids and babies line is available in 3 variants:SPF50 Kids Sun Protection Lotion 8oz for Php545.00, SPF50 Kids Sun Protection Mist 6oz for Php545.00 and SPF50 Babies and Sensitive Sun Protection Lotion 8oz for Php545.00. 
  • Ocean Potion After-Sun line is available in 2 variants:Soothing Aloe Gel 8oz for Php375.00 and Moisturizing Aloe Lotion 8oz for Php395.00.  
Ocean Potion is available in Watsons and all leading beauty stores nationwide!

Which particular Ocean Potion variant interests you?

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(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

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