Wednesday, June 18, 2014

AskMeMom: Baby Sebamed Review

Hi fellow mommies!
When it comes to your little angel, you probably tried as much skincare products as I did!  Well, I didn't go overboard this time as I make sure to finish one product before I go to the next (as opposed to testing out makeup) and one brand that I got to really try and trust is Baby Sebamed.

Let me talk about the brand, I first heard about SEBAMED and tried their Feminine Wash (my favorite!  I actually finished the bottle recently and repurchased!) and their Shampoo and Conditioner didn't fail as I gave it to my sister and she told me she used it on her son (who has sensitive scalp) and works really well on him! 

Then I learned they have Baby Sebamed which excites me as I just gave birth to Kyle Nash when I got samples of their Baby Bubble Bath.

Then I got Baby Sebamed not only as press samples but as gifts during Kyle's birthday party!  If you're a mommy, you have to agree with me when I say: "Nothing beats the excitement a mom gets when she receives a gift for her baby!"  RIGHT?  RIGHT!  *high five*

First set of gift

 Second set of Baby Sebamed gift
I guess I got them all huh?

Let me share to you my quick and simple review on these products.  Quick because if you're a mom like me, you probably don't have all the time and energy to read a LONG review! :) 

Baby Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath
The first Baby Sebamed baby product I tried and this was what I used for Baby AMW when we took him home!  What I love about the Baby Bubble Bath is that you only use a little amount and it lathers quickly with water and it smells really good!  The good part?  Kyle didn't have any rashes or allergic reactions and he actually used this until his 6th month!  What made me try other brands?  Not because I didn't like this, but it was because I was gifted with other brands and I can't throw them away right? :)

I personally highly recommend this to your newborns and babies!  I don't mind using this on Baby AMW's toddler years as I can't help but sniff him because he smells so good all day!

Baby Sebamed Children's Shampoo
Because Baby AMW doesn't have a lot of hair, I can't seem to finish up his shampoo as quickly as his body products!  I recently tried Baby Sebamed's Shampoo and so far, the scent is almost the same as the bubble bath and it didn't leave any residue on his scalp and it washes off easily!  Overall, he didn't have any allergic reactions and his hair remains soft and clean.

Baby Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar
I seldom use cleansing bars as I felt they are more difficult to wash off as compared to body wash.  Because I wash Baby AMW's bum on every number 2, I realized Baby Cleansing Bar is the best and so far, the Baby Cleansing Bar from Baby Sebamed washes off quite easily.  It is a bit of a hassle to use now as Baby AMW tends to grab this soap away from me! :P

Read about my thoughts on Baby Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Lotion and Baby Cream Extra Soft HERE.

Baby Sebamed are available at Baby Section, SM Department stores.

Overall, Baby Sebamed products are safe for my baby as he used most of their products without skin irritations.  The scent is mild and smells really good.  I highly recommend this brand for moms who wants the best for their babies!

Have you tried any Baby Sebamed products?
Which is your favorite?

My favorite will always be the Baby Bubble Bath!  Just a sniff brings me back to #newborn Kyle Nash memories! 

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