Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Come Shop With Me at Uno De 50

Imagine yourself trapped in a store with hundreds of pieces of unique hand-crafted accessories!
I don't have to imagine!  It happened to me when I visited the store opening of Uno De 50 at SM Mall of Asia!  Posing with an Uno De 50 girl with a huge lock is perfect as I don't mind being "locked up" inside the store and I bet you'll feel the same just by browsing through my amateur photos!  It just shows how pretty all the items were even without creative shots!  

They are as pretty as they look on photos...no, I'm wrong..they look even better in person!  Mark my words!

Uno De 50 store in SM Mall Of Asia.  First day of opening last June 11th.

Uno de 50 was founded in the late 1990s by a group of creative artists who resolved to establish a brand of fashion jewellery and accessories that would break all existing moulds. 

The brand started out with the philosophy of just creating 50 units of each piece, thus the name Uno de 50.  Overtime, demands increase so production increased.  Today, the company continuous to fulfill its promise of exclusivity through the Limited Editions of 50 units that is launches with each collection!

With a bit of chitchat with Uno de 50 Marketing Manager here in the Philippines, Ms. Krisel Abulencia, I learned that Uno de 50 today has 51 of its own shops in Spain and over 25 abroad! 

Uno de 50's pieces are entirely handcrafted that's why each item has a unique and distinct perfect imperfection!

Overview of bracelets and some necklaces

A closer look on some of my favorite items.
You see a mixture of gems, swarovski, silver and leather!

Each item were displayed in a way were we, as customers can easily see each item, check them out by touching and feeling them!

It was highly recommended to try them on!  Trust me, they look so much better on your wrist!

Men's Collection

Watches, necklaces and earrings.   Some of them are in sets!

More statement rings.

Earrings with jewels.

More earrings

A closer look on some of my favorite necklaces.

This would look so good on your favorite LBD (Little Black Dress).

For an accessory brand, I am surprised they make really unique watches!  I love watches and I'm very particular with watch designs and so far, I am quite impressed with the simplicity yet uniqueness of each time piece.

My favorite double leather straps!  
Ohh, I also like the black and gold number shown on the right hand side of the photo (below)

Here are just some of the many choices that I trimmed down to!  

This piece calls for "Summer" season! 
I can literally hear the song "Surfin' USA"

A classic and timeless piece!

These can be layered on and paired with your favorite jeans and t-shirt!
 More of my favorite items

These 2 are unique in a way that silver and leather were mixed so well together! 
I literally gave up choosing either of the 2 as I can't make up my mind!

Which particular bracelet do you think I came home with?  I'll show the answer on my Instagram account soon! :) 

It was also a day of fun and laughter with my blogging friend Lush Angel!  She also went home with one of my favorite piece (shown above).  

They may be a bit pricier as compared to other accessories but they are definitely worth it as each piece were meticulously handcrafted by an individual!

What's your favorite Uno de 50 item featured here?

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Keep smilin'
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  1. ohhh thanks for posting this AMW! I will definitely visit the store and I love your outfit here! I hope you can share more OOTDs! Thanks

    1. let me know if you found any good piece/pieces ! thanks and will TRY to post more OOTDs thanks


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