Tuesday, December 24, 2013

AskMeMom: Thank You Philips Avent and Baby Sebamed

Today, I want to share something I received as a new mom and I want to create a special post just in case you still haven't finished your Christmas Shopping List and you have friends who are going to be mommies soon, well check this post and you'll definitely make a  new mommy happy this Christmas!

A lot of you would agree that receiving gifts (whether big or small) gives you an instant euphoria!  It is the sense of being loved and appreciated that makes you and I feel good!  But now that I'm a mommy, receiving gifts that is meant for my baby is even more meaningful!  I'm sure fellow mommies out there can relate.

Recently, I received some gifts from Baby Sebamed and Philips Avent via M2.0 Comms.  

Baby Sebamed has been around for more than a decade and I can't believe I didn't know that!  After trying out their products, I'm happy that the brand works for Baby AMW too! 

 Baby Sebamed Baby Cream (Extra Soft)
This is perfect for babies suffers from skin irritations, I don't apply much lotion/cream based products to Baby AMW's skin but he has dry and rough spots every now and then and this helped speed up his skin's recovery!  Tried and tested by yours truly!

Baby Sebamed Baby Lotion
Lotion is best applied daily to help protect the skin of the baby especially for newborns!

Baby Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream
Thankfully, Baby AMW didn't suffer from any diaper rashes from newborn until today!  *knocks on wood*  But I always have this on hand just in case his "bum" gets irritated from constant diaper-wearing

Baby Sebamed Children's Shampoo
I know some moms use all over head and body shampoo for the baby!  I prefer to separate it and thankfully, aside from Kyle's scalp smelling great all day, his scalp looks healthy and rash-free!

So far, I don't have all the list of stores that sells Baby Sebamed products but I recently chanced upon the complete range at SM Department stores baby section!  Their price is mid-range, not too expensive and I'm sure moms out there would agree that we don't mind splurging a bit for our little angels!

Next, I received a lovely Christmas gift from my friends from M2.0 Comms, thank you so much for the thoughtful gift guys!

Philips Avent
BPA Free Bottles
Before receiving this as gift, I am a proud user of Philips Avent bottles and true enough, these bottles work great for newborn babies!  I know some moms told me there are babies who are quite choosy with the bottles they use!  As for Baby AMW, the nipple of Philips Avent fits his mouth like a glove and he grew up loving these bottles!  I can't comment on Less Colic or help settle your baby portion but I'm just glad he didn't have a hard time weaning from my breast!

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump with Milk Storage Cups
Before receiving this, my friend lent me her Philips Manual Pump and I find them so comfortable I ordered the automatic version!  Since the old manual pump of my friend is getting a bit too old, I am grateful to receive this!  Why?  Even with Automatic pump around, I still alternate from Electronic to Manual pump every so often to make sure all the milk are expressed properly to prevent Mastitis or engorgement of the breast <--- after="" and="" are="" been="" breasts="" effort="" emptied="" every="" expense="" extra="" is="" it="" make="" me="" p="" pump="" so="" sure="" the="" there="" to="" trust="" worth="" your="">

Philips Avent is serious when they say their pumps are designed for comfort.  I have tried other pumps from other brands and I have to agree, they are really the most comfortable brand for me.   (I'm not saying this just because I was gifted with one, I have been a long time Philips Avent user even before I was gifted with these.)

There are so many lists of products you can give to your mommy friends out there!  Anything baby-related will put a smile to your friends' faces!  

As a mom, which mommy/baby-related gifts you received that made you extra happy?

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