Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Belle De Jour Power Planner 2014

Merry Christmas AMW Friends
How are you spending your Christmas Day?  We are staying at home with the family at the same time, enjoy bonding with Baby AMW!  With a new baby in the house, there is definitely no dull moments so I'm seizing every opportunity to be part of Kyle's every milestone!  

I recently got a new Belle De Jour Power Planner from my BDJ friends and boy was I surprised with the whole new change (good change)!  I bought my BDJ Planner years ago when they were just starting out and I find the new planner today less bulky and more awesome pages to explore on!  

I still prefer handy planners (Like THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS) especially now with all the baby stuff I need to lug every time we leave the house, I am still on the hunt for one but I will definitely use this for work.

Belle De Jour Power Planner also created Lifestyle Card for perks and discounts!

There are so many cool pages inside but I highlighted those that I'm most excited about.

It is definitely the digital age as BDJ included "My Blog Ideas" for bloggers like myself!  At times when you're outside and you suddenly have a Eureka Moment for a blog post, it is best to write it down as you'll definitely forget it when you get home.  (Trust me, this happened to me so many times!)

Menstrual Tracker 
This feature has always been the number 1 reason why I like Belle De Jour Power Planner!  With my old planner, I usually encircle the dates with a red pen but this one would be easier especially for girls who really want to track their menstrual cycle!  (Hello to husbands and wives trying to have a baby!) 

2014 Goals
I always have goals on top of my head but I never tried writing them down until this year!  And guess what?  The power of "SECRET" worked!  Most of the goals I've written were accomplished!  I guess it is the feeling of seeing your goal written and wanting to erase it with a huge "DONE!" sign right beside it gives me a strong sense of completeness.

Dream Board
Same as my goals, I always have dreams floating around my head but felt a bit shy to write it down as I'm afraid someone might read it (okay, that's paranoia!  lol)  For the year 2014, I am doing it differently this time as I'm dreaming not only for myself but for my family!  That includes Mr. AMW and Baby AMW!

Daily Planner
My favorite part of any planners!  I write my to-do lists, meetings and appointments like a grade school teacher!  Once completed, there will always be a red check mark with a smiley face right beside it!  

As a professional makeup artist, blogger, and a full-time consultant, keeping my schedule on track will keep me sane and having them cramp in a small space is not what I'm looking for, so I'm glad BDJ created one with ample space for me to write down the things I need to do everyday!

Coupons and Stuff to Read
There are so many things to read when you open your BDJ planner so you won't get bored when you are out of your phone or iPad battery.  I also like to check out coupons for discounts...who doesn't like to save money?  

Bills Tracker and Cash Flow Tracker
Admittedly, I love spending but I hate tracking my expenses!  Since I married an auditor, it was a huge adjustment for me when my husband started to note down EVERY small expenses I made and I felt like I'm being strangled with my own purchasing power!

Thankfully, today, I got used to the fact that having someone "audit" my cash flow is actually a positive thing as I get to be more conscious with the little things I spent that I think doesn't matter but makes a whole lot of difference in my savings account!

Aside from the pages mentioned above, there are so many surprises in store from this year's Belle De Jour Power Planner!  I'm glad they removed the bulky spring and everything is more compact now! :)

How do you find this year's BDJ Power Planner?

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  1. I love this planner and I've been using it since! Thanks for updating my link darling ^_^ I'm updating my links also. mwah!

  2. is bdj card really needed to avail the discounts

    1. depends on the merchant but most of the time they ask! so much better if you have it on hand :D


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