Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Eureka Moment: My 2013 Planner

Each year, it is like my personal tradition to hunt for a good planner/organizer!  

As you can see, they all have a common factor --- Useful pages, enough space to write my daily schedule or makeup bookings, planner is not too big or small, easy to tote around no matter which bag I use, etc...

This year, due to my pregnancy, I seldom go out and spent most of my time staying at home instead!  And if I did manage to go out, I always pack my day so full I don't even have time to pee!  *just joking*  

I almost thought I'll end up with a boring "refillable" planner for next year (I have a backup by the way!).  Thanks to online shopping sites, I was able to score a Grassroots Patent Croc 2013 Planner at a discounted price!

What I love about this planner is the fact that I can pick my choice of color and you can also pick from Patent Croc, Metallic Reptile, Wavy Silken Abaca or Super Fine Pandan cover!  

I went for Patent Croc style in Red! 
Scroll further down and I'll tell you why I picked this cover style!

2013 and 2014 at-a-glance Calendar which I find to be super useful!

Daily, weekly and monthly agenda is available in this medium sized planner making it easy for me to keep track important schedules!  I also love the fact that I have enough space to write and even doodle!

I didn't take a photo of the "Monthly Agenda" as I've already written the names of my friends who are celebrating their birthday on those pages!

There are 2 full pages of Notes after each month!  I like writing random thoughts, ideas in this using my colored pens!  *winks*

Last but not the least, the final few pages is where I can keep important contact numbers and addresses.  I  know it is the digital age but I still enjoy writing down addresses as I still enjoy sending snail mails! 

The size of Grassroots Patent Croc 2013 Planner is not like a regular sized notebook that I expected.  It is a tad bit bigger than my 2012 Planner and small enough to fit all my bags!  I love how lightweight it is so I don't mind carrying this around EVERYWHERE I go! 

The planner comes in 6 shades --- Black, Dark Brown, Red, Apple Green, Turquoise and Purple priced at Php550.00 (approx $13.75) bought it at Deal Grocer for Php415.00 (approx $10.37).

Grassroots Greenbelt 5
Boutique Store
3/F Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati
tel. no.: (632) 501 3980

Okay, here's the reason why I'm so in love with my 2013 planner!  It matches my Fino Wallet! :D  I planned to pick the same shade but decided otherwise as I may have a hard time rummaging through my bag or I may mistakenly pick the planner when I'm looking for my wallet or vice versa!  Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!  Definitely a Eureka Moment!

What's your 2013 Planner?

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  1. I just bought your 2012 planner!
    I knew I saw it somewhere! lol I was just like, maybe I have just seen so many...
    Anyway, I like these posts on your agenda update xD this years looks very grownup, and sleek. nice~

    1. the 2012 one is a hit as it's really handy and super cute!!! I can't find it anymore, I mean the store doesn't sell the same one anymore, I should have bought more last year :D

  2. I remember your 2012 planner! From cutie patootie, ngayon sleek and sophisticated naman :) I got my 2013 planner in red too. One can never go wrong with red.


    1. Hi Angel, well..soon to be mommy na so kunwaring professional naman kunti! hahahah

      I agree with RED, it brings luck, it looks chic and of course, its easy to see inside a bag! :D

  3. I can remember the planners you shared in the previous years and my fave is the one from last year! It also reminded me to get one for myself. I am starting to get really conscious about the things that I do and I don't like missing any activity. Plus, now, I've gotta master keeping track of time, especially now that I have a lot of roles to play: teacher, blogger, friend, family and most importantly, a wife. I already have a planner for 2013, one that the hubby asked the MIL to give him since she won't be using it. He knew that I really want to have one. But still, I want another one, a cutie, cutie one! Hahaha! Oh well! If I won't get to find a cute one, this will do! ^__^

    1. Yes, I believe a lot of the readers love my 2012 planner! I wish I purchased more since it's not really for 2012 naman and you write your own date! Oh well , at least I get to use different planners per year, di ako magsasawa :D

    2. Hangkyoot talaga, eh! Ndi talaga ako makaget-over sa cuteness overload nung planner na yun... hehehe...

  4. Hi Nikki! Guess what, after seeing your post I made a mental note to drop by Grassroots. I went to the one in Market Market earlier and ended up buying one! I got the red one in abaca. So happy with my planner! Thanks for sharing your post!

    1. awww..I'm glad to have posted this, at least I was able to share some good finds! I usually purchase planners that I see in person so I'm glad hindi ako nagkamali sa online shopping! I was a bit scared that the size could be too big or too thick! :D

  5. aww nice planner. i really snt use one id rather have a desk calendar. and really i dnt get the big deal out of starbucks planner. ang mahal nia and ang laki pa. oh well just my two cents.

    i love faux animal skin and d color red, plus i live ir blog too! merry xmas!!!

    1. Well I'm sure there are some people who likes using heavy and bigger planners, but its probably just personal preference! I prefer to bring my planner EVERYWHERE i go so I prefer it to be lightweight, small yet...has a good space for me to write my daily routine! :D

      Merry Christmas too Miz :D

  6. Awe! It so sweet time to make all those notes about baby and pregnancy. I remember mine too :)
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas :)

    That planner looks glam btw :)

    1. Yes, I can't wait to fill it up with more baby related August-November planner 2012 has "MORNING SICKNESS" written all over and the number of times I vomited! LOL!!!

  7. Nikki I love choosing diaries! I bought a vintage looking Alice in Wonderland Organizer that you can refill but unfortunately they've stopped making refills a year after I bought it...grrr...the last two years I've only bought refills for my Coach organizer.

    This year I'm going for a slight change and I think I'll go for a "Cute" Kikki-K diary

    1. Thanks for sharing your current diary this year, it is indeed SUPER CUTE! :) Just like you, hunting for planners/organizers is something I look forward to every end of the year!!! :D


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