Friday, January 7, 2011

Eureka Moment: 2011 Organizer

Early last year, I Wondered: "If You Use A Daily Planner" and I got a good idea on how a lot of you still use the handwritten type amidst us being on the digital age! I love!!!  Can we all get a *high five*?  

As you can see, I purchased my 2010 Just A Moment Daily Planner straight from Korea via Ebay for $17.99 + $4.99 = $23.00 (approx Php1,057)!  Still, I beg you not to raise those eyebrows on me!  It's all worth it as it traveled together with me each and everyday, it never left my side!  So when December came, aside from panicking on gift giving, I was panicking on what my next daily planner would be!

A sample on how "abused" the 2010 daily planner is!  
Notes I've written for my Seoul Travel

"Why don't you just purchase another one online?" - the Hubby Says.
"I was too busy I lost track of time!  If I order now, it'll be too late and I would probably start using the organizer around February!  You know me, I don't want to skip a whole month!" - AMW said.

Anyways, it was a long discussion as I browse through stuffs at Landmark, Makati.  This was a EUREKA MOMENT, I literally said "EUREKA!!!" when I found this....

Come on, don't you agree?  It's as cute as my previous one!  *ahem*, more childish but that's how I am with my stuffs!  Side by side with my 2010 "so last year!" organizer!  *laughs*
A bit smaller and longer in size and shape but let me tell you why I chose this over the rest of the organizers I've scoured for inside the mall.

The much needed Monthly Overview page which I usually note down important birthdays, anniversaries and what-nots!  

Monday- Sunday space for important meetings, schedules, things-to-do, etc...  The space could be tad small but I have the whole right page to doodle or to write down more information needed. 

OC tip:  I put a tiny drawing (asterisk, hearts, etc..) next to the sentence that I have more notes written on the right hand side! 

I literally stood there and counted to pages of the daily planner to make sure it fits ONE WHOLE YEAR!  I am not being paranoid, I saw another organizer which has a lot of pages for "random thoughts or doodles" but does not have enough pages for "daily notes".

After a whole year worth of daily planning, there are a couple of pages with lines for whatever you would want to write!  I prefer writing important notes, names of people who owe me money *just joking*  :P  

I survived using a Korean Planner, there were maps of Seoul Subway Train, etc.. and I did quite well using it.  This one, is actually Made In China which isn't an issue for anyone.  Although it would be a plus if you can read Chinese, like I do!  

A few pages on "Important Dates to Remember",  you can write here some important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, meetings or even the date of your first kiss *blushes*  <-- if you're super young reading this, go for temporary amnesia ok?  Thanks!

Here's a page for important telephone numbers, address and email address of people you usually call.  I know, this is too old school but would you believe this is very useful for me?  I write down the contact details of Doctors, important home or office addresses of people I usually deal with, etc..!

And a cute page which I like even though a lot won't find this useful, I like this because it reminded me of my love for travel!  Some random words and their equivalent in Chinese and French!

Because I would like to go further with me, being ME!  I used the remaining stickers left form my 2010 planner and I divided my new planner with stickers for easy usage.

Now this is turning into my "baby"

Personalize it more by adding up a sticker with my name on it!

Ok, brace yourself, the best part of all why this deserves a huge "EUREKA MOMENT" scream on top of your lungs?  This cutie costs approximately Php200.00 ($4.45).  I'm a winner right?  I saved a lot this year!  This must be a good year!

Best of all, I can tote this around ANYWHERE I go as it's lightweight and size is just right to fit in any bag!
And last, again!  Promise, this will be the last "gushing" portion, let me remind you again why this puts a huge smile on my face...

No words can explain the cuteness! :) *sigh*

So, what's YOUR organizer this year?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. haha. your post is too funny. i didnt had time to scour malls and take a look on whats out there so I had myself another bdj. maybe next year :) i want something i can tote around. bdj is too heavy i end up using it only in the ofice and leaving it inside my locker.

  2. I agree, its cute and a good buy! As for me, Im on buying organizer refills. I just love my old one way back in college. And I retain the pages where I wrote quotes and other personal stuff so its getting bulkier every year.

  3. I love it, Ms. Nikki! I think I better get one myself... I write down my notes this year! ^_^

  4. Nikki, I could just imagine you in person telling how great this planner is and I find it really cute! Hehe... It's great that you are a planner person, me? hindi talaga eh! :)

  5. ohh. i want one too ^_^ uber cute ^_^

  6. kawaii!
    cute planner!

    lol at this post's sooo funny! i caught a glimpse of how childish even adults can be. hey! i am no exception! in fact i still adore those cute 3d stickers that are being sold in stationary stores. & i could spend 1 hour browsing the teens stationary section!

  7. Cuuute planner! I agree, if I will buy a planner that I'm not sure of in terms of quality, I will check the pages also :D Especially those kinds that can't be refilled. Don't want to waste money!

    For 2009 & 2010 I saved up for Moleskine, it was worth it because I'm a really huge planner user :D So I don't think 1k is bad for a planner if you really use it naman :P But this year I got the Starbucks one, not bad either!

  8. hehe i love ur planner,cute and cuddly characters is one of my weakness,im still waiting for my Starbucks planner..velvet is always out of stock!

  9. Hurrah to your new cutesy planner! Love that last pic (looks like Porings!)

    I recently bought a planner. I loved that i only shelled out no more than 80 bucks on it and that it's got a page for each day of the wee, cept Sat and Suns which are stashed in one page. It's not as small as your old planner but I can carry it with me all the time since I often tote a huge bag for my books.

  10. That is super cute! I just bought a Rilakkuma planner and it's so cute I dunno how I can write on the pages. :P

  11. Ang cute!! I like that one! so small that it fits in all my bag.. well, my bags can fit a whole house but you know what i mean.. hehehe!! miss you, niks!!

  12. How come i didn't see that one in Landmark...

  13. you're so cute, nikki! :)) buti ka pa, you found a planner for this year already. i'm looking for a very particular design kasi: weekly schedule with vertical orientation. so far, i've only seen it from moleskine but i'm not willing to shell out 800+ for it. :(

  14. i've hoarded a lot of planners before christmas! winner yun landmark for talaga! ang dami pagpipilian, at ang dami ko nabili.. though i didn't particularly picked this one kasi ang liit nga nung spaces for writing plus andaming (was that korean or chinese) characters na parang aksaya sa space, hehe.. pero i find it cute pa din. :)

  15. Hahaha. You're as cute as your planner, if not more! Ang light mong tao Nikki, no baggages, I admire you for that. =) Loveyah!

  16. u are too cute sis! i am not exactly a huge fan of planner coz i find them too cute to scribble on it :P heart pain to see my messy writing on it

  17. I have the same one like that! hehe...I got mine as an exchange gift... :)

  18. I have one, too. Those cute korean notebooks being sold at Rustan's are so cute and upon looking at every page, it is very encouraging to write something in it.

  19. I love your planner, it's too cute!

  20. OMG, that planner is so cute! And inexpensive too! Good job!

  21. Jenobebs, i agree with you, I've used BDJ once and I just finished one year then moved on to a tinier planner :)

    EINz< I have a refill organizer too and have been a user of that for more than 5years, I guess I recently got used to a tinier organizer/planner that's why I settled for this :)

    angelamhiere, well if you write a lot of notes, this won't be enough for you, but if you only write one liner, then this is great! :)

  22. Lanie, oh gosh, I am super happy with this and I sound like how I write! so you'll get the drift na :)

    rhaindropz, I think they still sell it! so go ahead and purchase yourself one..or two..or three?

    ~tHiAmErE~, hahahha I am childish :( well in my defense, my hubby is childish too! Nilaglag eh no? hahahha

  23. Kari, I have to checkout Moleskin,so many people falling in love with it! I agree with you too 1k for a planner isn't bad especially if you use it really well, imagine ...365 days with worth the price you pay!

    Shobe, goodluck! I hope you get your Starbucks planner! ASAP!

    herroyalbleakness, Porings? Who are they? hahahha I love it when you purchase something inexpensive yet it works so well on you no? I don't like shelling out money on stuffs you can't use at all, cheap or expensive, its still money!

  24. Clarice, people say that, and the bad part?I'm not even joking at times! hahhaha!

    Pammy, Rilakkuma? WHERE??? I want to see it!

    Shen, I fit this in my bag too, oh you saw it na pala in person last Saturday! hehehe it was great seeing you sweet!

  25. babysaffron, it's located at first floor (the beauty section) and there's another one on the second floor near the entrance of the connection between Landmark and Glorietta! Hope they still have it!

    Isea, ahh it's difficult when you have requirements no? I find it quite difficult because of some requirements that I want in a planner too!

    dianneregina , its in Chinese characters :)

  26. Dang, awww, thanks sweetie! I find you really easy to get along with din, thanks for the nice compliment hope to see you!

    Xin, I find it cute to scribble too that's why I always end up nervous and making a lot of mistakes! hhaha and I would hate myself as I need to erase it via liquid paper! UGH!

    Photoescape's world, are you using it? :)

  27. MJ, ah this one is Chinese actually! hehehe but it does look like it's Korean made no? TOO CUTE!

    Gio, thanks!

    Skysenshi, thanks I am so proud of myself for finding this one too

  28. this post is very helpful I've been thinking of buying a new one. I need a tinier planner to bring along with me every day, my previous planner (BDJ)was quite heavy and too big to fit inside my bag.

  29. ah planners~
    I was in korea but was way too overwhlemed with the variety that I didn't buy an expensive one. I went to daiso and got a cheap $2 one instead XD
    but it works for me so whatever~
    but i do like yours, too cute!

  30. This one, hinanap ko talaga sa landmark. I went to landmark trinoma but it was sold-out when i looked for it last February. Good thing I was able to pass by at LandMark Makati at ayun! i found this exact planner and bought it right away. By the way, I'm from Bacolod. hehe. Thank you nikki!


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