Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Wonder: Bag Hanger...Useful or Not?

I've seen Bag Hangers around for the longest time, I've purchased a couple as gifts several times but never thought of purchasing one for myself, until closing to 2011, I told myself I will fix the stuffs inside my room and that includes my bags!  I actually had this hunch that I won't be using this Bag Hanger much but Mr. AMW told me to go ahead because it isn't that expensive anyways! 

For Php199.75 (approx $4.00), I bought myself a navy blue Bag Hanger just because I am intrigued with the concept and how it would help me turn from OC to Super OC!  <--- Sounds like a cartoon hero eh?  :P

Sad to say, I am intrigued with the idea and it could have worked wonders to a lot of people but not for me!  First things first, I have to look for the "right" area to hook the bag hanger (and I thought it was a very simple task to start with, but it's the hardest part!)  I want my room to look good and organized and having this hanged in a location that isn't meant for "bags" is a huge eyesore for me!  *sniff*

One bag hanger can hold up to 6 bags!  I would recommend to store 6 bags that are almost similarly sized and bags that you regularly use on a daily basis!  Just in case, if the bags are to display are light in shade or a bag that is close to your heart, I suggest to hang them with their respective dust bags (if they have any) .  In my case, the other bags are stored inside my "bag cabinet". 

Oh yeah, if you look closely at the photo above, I have the tendency to maximize the function of anything available out there!  I do put my favorite headbands as well for that "easy access" when I'm in a hurry in the morning!  Smart eh?  <--- Please say yes? *flutters eyelashes*

In fairness to the product though, it was obviously well thought off!  The hanger is small but quite sturdy, all the edges of the Bag Hanger are sewn pretty well! 

The snap lock used is also made of good quality, not sure though if it will rust after prolong usage!

I Wonder:
Bag Hangers, are they useful to you or not?
Do you even own one?

Keep smilin"
Stay Happy!


  1. i think this is what i need RIGHT NOW!!! i have a walking closet now and my huge collection of bags will appreciate this as many of the bags are made of leather - need to be out to breathe the fresh air instead of locked up inside a cupboard. i will see if i can find this here.

    you find the coolest gadgets! thanks a lot!

  2. I've seen this sold online, but haven't gotten around to getting one. It would be so useful since I have very limited wardrobe space, and my poor bags are getting squished (even more so when I get a new bag). Sigh.

  3. My friend has the exact same bag hanger also bought from SM. I envied it at first, but then I thought, it really is such an eye sore! However, it does save a lot of space though.

    I decided not to buy a bag hanger since I don't have that much bags anyway. Too bad it didn't work for you.

    Happy New Year!

  4. My sister and I NEED these. All of our bags battle it out with our jackets on our wooden coat rack. If that very tall rack can complain, it would say that it got overwhelmed.

  5. Personally, no I wouldn't use it because I'm anal about keeping my bags dust free, no matter how pricey or not they might be :) So I keep my bags in the cupboard, in their dustbags if they have them but always in a closed area. Also if its a leather bag I'm just afraid it'll get squashed all hung up together that way, and that the strap might stretch or spoil. I'd rather get one of those standing coat hangers/racks and hang my bags on there, if I plan to. Just my 2 cents :)

  6. Not for me, I hate it that the bags are deformed because patong-patong na diba? Especially if the sizes are different. Like you, I have a bag cabinet, dust free pa. =) Muah!

  7. Dear Nikki,
    Thank you so much for posting some useful products and the Eureka-moments post....
    I really really appreciate them and specially when they can be found at SM or any local malls... or watson's...
    Keep posting...

  8. i saw something like this before, but i was thinking if i hang the bags like this, then will be attacked by dust then i have to clean the dust =/ so in the end i did not get it

  9. I tried so hard to make this product work for me coz i saw how great it looked in my friend's room. Going back to my room, i just can't make it work for me. I also find it an eye sore since most of the items in my room are against the wall, so it feels weird seeing the bags on the wall. So i just had to go back to my coat rack. It's "messier" but it works for me. I just put the bags in their dust bags, esp the expensive ones and put it inside bags i get as freebies from watsons and the likes. When we start planning for our new house, il tell my dad to build me a walk-in closet with closets for bags and shoes! hehehe.. =)

  10. i love innovative products and this bag hanger looks real nice. However, I feel that the bags hanging in a vertical layer, overlapping each other, can be a toll when snagging the bag off the hook.

    haha, I'm so OC! But i'll give this thing a chance. I think it's nice to hang this inside a closet or somewhere hidden since the idea of overlapping bags seem quite an eyesore IMO.

    naalala ko yung mga stores na may chichiryang nakaoverlap. hehe.

  11. I think it'll be useful for me but I can't find a spot in our condo to put it hehe. I gave some as gifts last Christmas :)

  12. omg this is so useful. My sis & I put our bags in the living room (since it's convenient and most of the time, I'm not in my room) and it's taking up space (she occupies the living room chairs with her stuff lol)

  13. I never thought of bag hangers before but because of this post, I will definitely get one the next time I visit SM. :)

  14. jojoba, wow, lucky you you have your own Walk In closet, that's my dream for now :) Let me know if you can't find them there, I can send you one if you want!

    Tine, you need one dear? Let me know!

    Hollie, I know what you mean, it really depends on the configuration of your room! Some will appreciate this if they have space!

  15. Skysenshi, I have a feeling you do need it, I have a feeling both of you have gazillion bags! :D

    ParisB, I get your point! I am not much into using this too, because I want to protect my bags from dusts! Thanks for sharing your Point of View :)

    Dang, me too! I was shocked when it looks patong patong with the bigger sized bags of mine, kaya I just put some that's not too big on this! Sayang naman!

  16. Babysaffron, awww glad to be of service! though I'm sure you've seen this around na! It was there since last year pa or 2 years ago ..or was it 3? hehehe

    Xin, agree sister! Super agree with you!

    Icysunitz, I know what you mean, I haven't seen this around any of my friend's house, my mom-in-law store hers differently which I like! She has someone make this special "metal" framed open cabinet to put all her bags with dustbags! It looks really nice! Goodluck with the new house and hope you'll have your bags and shoes organized! :)

  17. Herroyalbleakness, AGREE! natawa ako! Feels the same with the overlapping CHICHIRYA! :P

    Kim, agree! I knew from the start this can be useful but it really depends on the space of your home!

  18. Isabel, wow, bags in living room? I can imagine it now! So cool, you must have a lot of bags to have conquered the living room! :)

    Pammy, hahahaha goodluck! I hope you'll find it useful for you! :) Enjoy!

  19. I have one too. It was kinda expensive to buy from online seller here in Malaysia. Although the hanger is useful but too bad it doesn't hold my bag. Each of the snap closure button is faulty and I can't even button up =(

  20. I saw this one just a while ago when I was @ megamall!

  21. I bought 2 in Red at SM when I came home last year I love it's function but if something else comes up for bag org I'd probably try that too. This does the job well but yes it's not exactly attractive. Also be careful you don't hang big/heavy bags as it might loose it's shape cos of the constant hanging. Mine is hung inside my built-in wardrobe para no dust.

    Nikki can you take a pic of your Mother in law's cabinet?

  22. i'm not a fan of hanging stuff. i've been seeing bag hangers for a while now but i decided it would be a better idea to invest in plastic storage bins so they don't gather dust OR eat up valuable closet space. and since we're OC, you can take photos of the bags and stick them to the outside of the box so you don't have to open them one by one (assuming they're in dust bags na rin). just remember to put in a dehumidifier and mothballs inside with them! :)

  23. When I saw this on your Twitter I thought you meant those little hooks that you can hang from tables! Haha. But I do have a bag hanger, it's actually just a long chain hung from a nail & with plastic S-hooks. The great thing about it is that I can adjust the S-hooks to accommodate bags w/longer or shorter straps, and bags that are bigger or smaller! :D I've had mine for years now and it's overloaded with bags LOL

  24. Such a nifty product! Hope your New Year is off to a great start Nikki!

  25. Too bad it didn't work for you. I think it is a cool concept and handy to keep bad organized by I'm a bit worried about the bags getting covered in dust. Besides, I wouldn't know where to put it in my house lol.

  26. we had one of these for a while na.. pero what I do is, I use the paper bag from where i bought the bag or any paper bag to store the bag(in its dust bag ofcourse).. for OCness talaga the hanger is very good esp if you have a closet of if you have a large space in your cabinet.. :))

  27. FionaL, oh no on the snaps! So far, I don't have problems with the sanp at this very moment! Sorry you bought a faulty one :(

    Photoescape's world, wow, lucky you to be at Megamall, I have to go there again to shop!

    Angelica Joy, thanks for the tip, I won't hang my big bangs in here, I'd rather keep the bigger bags inside the cabinet! Sure I will try to take a photo of my mom-in-law's bag 'place'

  28. Isea, agree, my sister-in-law uses the plastic storage, it does look better but you know what happened? She ended up squishing everything inside so the bags lose their shape! OVER SHOPPING! :P Thanks for sharing your tips

    Kari, hahahah sorry :( I know those bag hangers too! Well I don't know how these are called as they are named this way too! The S hooks sounds great!!!

    Vanessa, Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for the greetings :)

  29. Gio, agree, this looks better when it's inside a walk in dresser or cabinet!

    Lora Patubo, agree! YOu can see I left the plastic thingy of one bag and I clipped the plastic to prevent dust from sticking to the bag! :)


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