Wednesday, January 5, 2011

AMW Reviews: LAB Works Oil Control Film

I've told you way back that one product I don't find myself purchasing are Oil Control films right?  Well, guess I talked too soon!  I found myself hauling for oil control sheets and films like crazy for the past months!  It's not important for me but it's life saver for everyone else --- I know, I get the point! 

I remember during a long day make-up gig, I only have 2 models to look out for, one guy and one girl and I was close to fainting when I'm almost done with the Oil Control Sheets I have on hand and I still have a couple more hours left and the male model was oiling up under the harsh lighting like crazy!  Seriously, I've never seen anyone produce that much oil in my entire life!  (Sorry male model, I have to say it and I want you to know you are still gorgeous and I love you still!) 

Anyways, it was a "faint and die" moment but even at 1:00am, my brain was working and I remembered purchasing a Toilet Cover Seat Sheets and I have a couple of sheets inside my bag and I had to cut them in smaller pieces (I promise you, they are super clean and it's a secret I learn from Hollywood Celebrities Makeup Artists)!  Voila!  Problem solved for the night and I learned my lesson hard!

HOARD!  Especially when they are on sale!  I got 2 packs of LAB Works Oil Control Film for only Php99.00 (approx $2.00)  Buy-one-take-one sale at Watson's!

LAB Works Oil Control Film says ---
Face oil remover patches absorb unwanted oil from your nose and forehead to reduce that undesirable shine.  You can see the oil you remove on the patch so you know it is doing its job.  Its soft, quiet nature allows you to use the patches anywhere without drawing attention to yourself.

Made in Japan

Contents: 60 sheets, 5.5 x 8.5cm

AMW says ---
  • Packed in a very simple yet effective packaging.
  • The simple "push" design at the back portion of the packaging is a smart idea!
  • The sticky adhesive makes perfect sense to be able to grab a sheet or two.
  • Does it job absorbing as much oil on your face!
  • Instantly removes oil and shine without messing up the make-up.
  • Can be used by both male and female!
  • Inexpensive.  
  • One sheet is enough for the whole face!
  • Does not tear up easily!  Actually, it does not tear up at all!
  • Not sure if this is friendly to the environment :(
  • Not widely available!
Worth every single cent!

  • Use one sheet for the whole face and try to use up all the spaces before you use a second sheet.
  • Use with soft, blotting motion, do not rub this hard against your skin!
  • Put this in your purse on your special day like weddings, graduations or anytime of the day you know picture-taking is around.  
  • Throw this at a rightful trash bin, do not throw this anywhere!  Be responsible!
  • There are discounts or sales once in awhile, grab the chance by purchasing more on times like Buy-One-Take-One! 
  • If skin irritations occur, STOP usage immediately.
  • If you are a makeup artist: Share a couple of sheets to your client to put it inside their pocket or purse!  Quick and mess-free retouching!
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I will hoard more!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Men or women who have problems with oil!  This is the best "retouch" for anyone who's ready to face the camera or even on regular days!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at Watson's for Php99.00 (approx $2.00) per pack.  Again, I got mine buy-one-take-one!

LAB Works Oil Control Film's texture is almost the same as the Clean & Clear Oil Control Film, same color too!

Thanks to Mr. AMW's face!  He actually just washed his face and I asked him to help me share to the readers the "effectiveness" of one sheet!  Even after face washing, he can still produce oil for AMW readers!  I love it!  *laughs*

I've actually used these sheets a couple of times especially on male clients and they all love it!  It works!  AMW proven and tested!

What's your favorite Oil Control Film or Sheets brand?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hi nikki, this is really nice.. ive been using this for quite some time now. might check out watson's, sana may promo pa.. time to hoard! :)

  2. Hehe. Always the pink grapefruit one from clean and clear for me :) and I use it on my talents, even the male ones and always end up asking:

    "what's this? Smells so good! Where do you buy this?"

    Hehe. :)

  3. I always make sure that i have oil films...

    i have been using the clean & clear one but when i saw that this is cheaper than c & c i bought it, but i just haven't opened it.hehehe

    but i know that it will also work as good as the clean & clear one!

  4. That toilet seat cover story was funny. :P I have been using C&C, the blue one for years now. I haven't tried this though but I just might when I spot this on sale. :P

  5. Haha, nice find Nikki, if ever you get the chance to do my makeup, or I get that chance, you might run out of oil control film too :P

  6. Hi Nikki,

    been thinking about buying oil control films/sheets due to my oily face. thank you for this post, you gave me an idea of what specifically to look for in watsons later. i'm really lovin' your blog.

    happy new year:)

  7. this looks so much like the Clean & Clear ones, which are almost will not tear at all! i am not so particular about oil blotters, i will just use whatever i can find. but staple favorite is the blotters from daiso which you can conveniently put it at work desk and use :)

  8. Wow.. You hardly have any oil on that oil control film. NOrmally mine is covered atleast half of that sheet.

    Btw I posted out the things for you today. Hopefully It will arrive soon. and I found the box to it too.. so it looks as good as new :p

  9. Hi ms. Nikki! Wonderful post.

    Your blog is one of my favorites. I did a post about it here

    Hope you can drop by my blog and follow too.


  10. dianneregina , naku, if there's no more promo, I hope you won't bite my head for reporting this too late! I bought this end of December :(

    Tara girl, oh yeah! i know that one, it smells awesome nga!

    Thiamere, I know I know, I think I'm the only one who does not have oil control sheets/films inside my bag!

  11. Pammy, yes, this works just the same as the Clean & Clear one! If this is on sale, purchase this and give it a road test! :)

    Madz, LOL that much oil?

    AiDiSan, I'm glad this post works for you! And hey, thanks for being a reader! I appreciate it!

  12. Xin, I have to check out Daiso's face blotter, if I even get the chance to visit the store! Haven't been there for MONTHS! Darn, I am not going out much

    Hi Purple Snowflake, sweet girl! Thank you so much! I can't wait! hahahah on the Oil control sheet, I know you will finish 2 sheets for one face, I remembered you telling the readers how oily your skin can get!

    Louise, I read your post, THANK YOU SO MUCH! *hugs*

  13. Nice toilet seat paper trick! :) A friend of mine uses onion skin, the kind you buy in bookstores. My skin is pretty dry so I only blot once a day (1 sheet is more than enough). I'm trying to finish up my Clean & Clear ones so I can start using the Kleenex ones which are super cute!

    Thank you to Mr. AMW's face also! Most guys I know would probably not keep a pack of these in their bags but I bet they'll admit they want to :D

  14. Toilet seat covers? What a GREAT idea! I think you are on to something... I'll have to try that whenever I have an oil buildup emergency if I'm out for the evening! Thanks for the tip...
    Katie for Ouidad

  15. Kari, onion skin! Same concept with the Toilet seat paper! :) I want to try the Kleenex ones next :) Aawww thanks for thanking Mr. AMW, I'm sure it's his pleasure to share some "oil" for some AMW readers :)

    Ouidad Blog, you are very much welcome! :)

  16. Kari, onion skin! Same concept with the Toilet seat paper! :) I want to try the Kleenex ones next :) Aawww thanks for thanking Mr. AMW, I'm sure it's his pleasure to share some "oil" for some AMW readers :)

    Ouidad Blog, you are very much welcome! :)

  17. I've always love the Clean and Clear oil blotters. You can't get them in the UK anymore so I order them off ebay from a seller in Hong Kong.


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