Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Food Trip at: Bistro Alfonso

I have the "coolest baby on the block!"
Imagine, he was my date when we went out for late dinner at Bistro Alfonso last Wednesday to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday!  #KyleNash was such a dashing debonair I got all the side glances from girls and boys alike! :)

I haven't dined at Bistro Alfonso in the past so it was an exciting food tirp for me and the family!  Thanks to Shobe Grace for the treat.  Please bear in mind that this post is picture laden!  If you're hungry, better grab something to eat before you scroll further down!  

 Sampler Platter
Mozzi sticks, Onion Rings, French Fries
served with salsa, ranch dip and campfire sauce
This isn't my favorite appetizer as the onion rings doesn't have much flavor to it!  Good thing the sauce dips that comes on the side tastes really good so it helps make your appetizer more flavorful.

Alfonso's Onion Soup
Slow-cooked, caramelized onions in beef broth.
Served with Cheese Crouton.
Okay, the soup itself is just alright, nothing spectacular and I don't taste the beef broth at all!  But what made this order super special is the yummy cheese bread that comes with it! Thanks Shobe for ordering this for me!  I was craving for clear soup that night!

Buffalo Wings
6pcs for Php150.00
Very flavorful wings that's crispy and juicy at the same time!  I actually devoured this without the dip!  You can also choose the spice-level of this!  We went for original as not everyone in the family can handle the "heat".

Baked Nachos
Corn nachos loaded with ground beef, beans, tomatoes,
black olives, jalapenos, cheese.  Served piping hot!
The nachos itself isn't amazing as they are the regular, thick corn nachos you get on supermarket!  What is amazing about this appetizer is the ample amount of toppings!  The nachos get soggy easily so you have to eat at once upon serving!  This is not "Food bloggers" friendly as we need to take photos first before taking a bite so obviously, everything was soggy we had to use spoon to eat our nachos! :)

Pork Sinigang
Best meal for the night!  Very flavorful and the sour taste is just right!  None of the ingredients overpower each other so this is one HEARTY meal perfect for those days you want to feel good!

Lettuce Wrap
Crispy  rice noodles topped with minced chicken, water chestnut 
and shiitake mushroom in their very own Asian Sauce.
Seriously, lettuce wrap in a bistro???  I am used to eating lettuce wraps at Chinese restaurant and expected this to taste the same!  But this one is totally different!  The minced chicken and shiitake mushroom goes well together and the sauce was already mixed with the chicken!  All you have to do is to mix everything together and wrap it with fresh lettuce.

Crispy Kare Kare
One of the most expensive dish in the menu but definitely worth every single penny.  I love kare kare and I ended up eating just the Pork Shank (Crispy Pata)!  A must for those who love Filipino food and doesn't mind about the cholesterol level! :)
Bagnet + Rice
Really crispy and tasty!  Worth the price and we actually ordered for 2nd!

 Cajun Lime Dory 
Pan-grilled Cajun seasoned Dory with corn-tomato relish and rice pilaf.
Though the dish looks bland and boring, the dory is very tasty and I love the tomato sauce that comes with it!  I'm not a fan of rice pilaf so I can easily skip the rice and went for my most-loved plain rice!

Beef Salpicao Meal
Bite size pieces of marinated beef sauteed in garlic and peppers.
Another dish worth ordering!  I love the extra crispy garlic bits on top!

We actually had 2-3 more orders that is not included in this post!  My date is a bit demanding of my time and wants to walk around the Bistro like a real boss! :D

See how happy he was?  Mind you, we were there until around 9:00pm!  Duty calls, we had to go home as this little Lakwatsero needs his beauty rest!

What I love about Bistro Alfonso is that the price range is very affordable considering the amount of food you get!  There were some hit and misses on their dishes but I like the fact that they offer a wide range of food choices for the whole family!  

The place of course is not the best place for babies and kiddos but it wasn't bad considering they have a separate smoking area!  Parking is a bit difficult (What's new?  It's in Makati area!)

Bistro Alfonso
130 LPL Center,, L.P Leviste, Makati 1200
(632) 812 9270

Which particular Bistro Alfonso dish would you like to eat right this very moment?

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