Tuesday, July 29, 2014

AMW Reports: ARTDECO Jungle Fever Collection Launch

I haven't visited an ARTDECO booth for the longest time!  The last was when I purchased their Eyeshadow Primer as a gift to my Blogger friend from abroad.  

When I got an invite to take a peek on their newest collection called the Jungle Fever, I immediately said yes because I have always been a fan of anything that has to do with "bronzing".  Quick tip to my fellow makeup enthusiasts!  Bronzing powders are instant "Goddess" to all of us!  I have discovered how much I love bronzers when I gave birth and stayed at home for a year and I look almost pale and ....ahmm..lifeless!  *laughs*  So yeah, there must be something exciting from the brand and indeed, I wasn't wrong..I'm never wrong!  *bwahahaha*

The event was held at The Glass Door and upon arrival, the collection grabbed my attention right away!  With prints of exotic flowers and wild animals, ARTDECO didn't call this a Jungle Fever collection for nothing!

But before I talk further about the makeup included in this collection, I eyed a canvass with a sketch of a portrait.  My fellow Bloggers and I were joking around on how much we would like to leave the room because we definitely aren't ready to showcase our artistic side...because we feel like..there's NONE at the moment!

But truthfully, I did feel a bit of excitement because I haven't done nail art for the longest time and I always get a "passing score" in art class so I want to challenge myself again!  Who knows?  Overtime, the artistic side of me may have appeared out of nowhere! :P

Kudos to Beauty Bar Philippine team for creating such unique event!  From the set of brushes, acrylic paints, stand, blank canvass down to the apron, they really thought of all the tiny details!

We have someone assist us step-by-step so instead of painting being my "most hate subject in school",  I wish to turn back time and say: "Hey!  I may not be the best painter but I can definitely paint!" 

The King of the Jungle turning to life!  

Considering that this is the first time for me to paint (not on nails), for a beginner, it isn't that bad right? :D

Now on to the collection!  Just like our painting, ARTDECO's new collection brings the tropical elements of the rain forest!  For you to see a better view, here's a photo taken from ARTDECO.  Isn't this collection amazing?

Eyeshadow Base: neutral-colored eye primer which makes the eyeshadow application smoother while soothing and protecting the eyelids with Bisabolol and Vitamin E.

Art Couture Eyeshadows available in 8 summery colors.  These eyeshadows come in a new, larger size and feature an exclusive Jungle Fever design, making each eyeshadow a collector's item.
  •  Earthy Brown (no. 12) - Earthy Tones
  • Golden Earth (no. 20) - Earthy Tones
  • Sugar Pearl (no. 27) - Earthy Tones
  • Green Jungle (no. 32) - Green Tones
  • Golden Green (no. 49) - Green Tones
  • Jungle River (no. 61) - Colored highlights
  • Blue Stream (no. 73) - Colored highlights
  • Sweet Violet (no. 83) - Colored highlights
Perfect Volume Mascara waterproof
Limited Edition Jungle Fever Beauty Box is the perfect way to store and combine your favorite eyeshadows.

Bronzing Powder Compact has SPF15 is my favorite out of the collection as it gives a sun-kissed "warmth" to your complexion anytime of the day.

Bronzing Glow Blusher in the shade "queen of the jungle" is a combination of three gorgeous, gently shimmering colors that will sublimate your complexion with a gently sun-kissed, radiant flush of blush.

Art Couture Lipsticks in pearl orange (no.362) and pearl blazing red (no.366).

Limited Edition Spray-on Leg Foundation available in 3 bronzing shades: Sand (no. 3) Sun Tan (no. 5) and Desert Sun (no. 8) 

As you can see, Jungle Fever Collection may sound like a collection with loud vibrant colors that may not be used by neutral makeup lovers out there!  Thankfully, the Collection is fun yet gives a nice balance to both dark and light makeup wearers!  I may not be in-the-know with all the collections ARTDECO came up with but Jungle Fever definitely hit the spot! 
How do you like the ARTDECO Jungle Fever collection?
Which particular product in this collection are you eyeing for?

ARTDECO is available at Beauty Bar Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Rockwell, Eastwood, Ayala Town Center, Shangri-la, Robinsons Magnolia, Podium, Glorietta, Mall of Asia, Paseo and Cebu and online at shop.beautybar.com.ph

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  1. I like your painting Nikki! Di halatang first time!!! Haha and I agree, bronzers do make a difference! May shimmer ba yung bronzer nila? :)

    1. hahah thanks for the compliment, that made me super happy! :) hahaha yung bronzer, has a bit of shimmer but not too much!


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