Friday, July 25, 2014

Something New: Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set

How many brush sets do I really need?
If you're Nikki Tiu, A LOT!
I'm OC when it comes to my client so I always bring at as many brushes as I can especially on a Bridal Gigs.  Why?  Because I'm too in a hurry to clean my brushes on spot so I'd rather use a clean brush instead on each client!  

On a negative side, since I bring almost ALL the brushes I own on a gig, I don't have good brushes left for myself!  Can you believe that???

When I got the Charm Essentials Vegan Brush Set, I finally have a set I call MY OWN!  I even brought the set with me when I traveled to the US early this year.  And because I like giving and I enjoy making other people happy!  I ended up giving my personal brush set to Keith's cousin who has been such a gracious host when we visited them in L.A.!  I didn't know she was into makeup (thus I didn't prepare Kikay gift) but upon peeking inside the room and saw that she uses mineral makeup, an idea crossed that the Vegan Brush Set would be a perfect match for her mineral makeup!

It is true when they say, when you are into giving, God will definitely give you something in return.  And the turnover was quite fast!  During our Splash Of Summer Party (all thanks to my Sampleroom family), each of us received goody bag and what made me squeal?  The Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set!

The set looks like this!  Sorry for the ruined box as it was squashed inside a lootbag filled with loads of products!

TADAH!  No matter how much brush sets I own, this made my heart flutter!

I've always been a fan of dual ended brushes, the reason why I purchased  Essence of Beauty Dual Ended Brushes as well as Dollface!  This is the best brush set for women on the go as I don't need to carry several brushes!

Powder and Blush Brush

Liquid Foundation and Concealer Brush

 Eyeshadow and Blending Brush

Angled Eyeliner/Eyebrow and Pencil Point Brush

Lip Brush

Okay, I have nothing much to say about the quality as they are exactly the same as the Charm Essentials Vegan Brush set which I reviewed HERE.  I find that taking along with me just 5 pcs of brushes with 10+ functions is enough for me to create different looks (from day time to night time) without much effort!  At first, I'm not used to having to "tie" my brush set after every use but I like the "flexibility" of the pouch so I can bring it with me no matter how big or small my bag is! 

And thankfully, Charm was smart enough to create "velcro" holder so I can easily store each brush without ruining the brush hairs!

Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set costs Php1,599.00 (approx $38.00) available at

Do you prefer dual ended brushes or the regular ones?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product received during a Sampleroom event.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. This looks fantastic! And all the brushes look essential and functional. Adding this to my shopping list. :)

    1. I know what you mean, you can get away with a full face makeup with these brushes!

  2. wow, I’m amazed. As in totally amazing. I can't say anything. Thanks for sharing this charm double makeup brush set !

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