Tuesday, August 12, 2014

AMW Reports: Bensimon DIY Event

Not too long ago, Keith and I used to bond inside a coffee shop just to "chill", but most of the time, we talk about our dreams.  We have been going out for 11 years (before we said "I Do") so that's a lot of talking over coffee!  So many topics to talk about and I actually raised up a topic of creating my own shoes/sandals!  

I want sandals  where I can choose my own straps and designs...it happened with Make Your Own Havaianas.  I want shoes that I can freely paint on...my wish came true with last week's Bensimon DIY event at Rockwell Powerplant.

Okay, the dream became a reality but upon seeing all the "art supplies", me and my blogger friends (Hello Angela and Jackie!) got nervous we actually planned on an escape route leaving our Bensimon pair unscathed! 

But that was only at the back of our heads, we actually had no choice but to muster our courage and pray for divine intervention....well...I was praying for someone to do it for me! :P

Fellow bloggers stressed yet happy at the same time!  hahahaha

One thing I learned about DIY-ing your own pair?  Whatever art or no-art knowledge, you are definitely giving your BEST shot as you will be wearing your masterpiece!

I got a "Khaki Green" Bensimon, thanks to the lady who was there at the store for giving me a bit of inspiration, I've decided to create a very simple design by using bleach.

Here's my "not-so-master" masterpiece! 

Bensimon sneakers are renowned not only for style but also for comfort.  According to my blogger friend Angela, she used her Bensimon pair when she traveled Europe (there was a lot of walkign).  Since I'm a queen of "I need comfortable shoes!"  I gave this pair a test-run last weekend!  The outfit shown on photo  was what I wore for my Benefit x AMW Trinoma Workshop (changed into a more formal looking shoes).  I usually wear comfortable shoes when I drive and run around for errands and so far, my Bensimon pair is indeed super comfortable even without socks!

 The "Bleached" design I created is subtle enough for women of all ages!
*Ahem* even for mid-30s

Oh, before I forget, I am loving my watch from Veloci, Voyager Collection.  The straps are interchangeable so I can easily pair my watch with any outfit!

AMW wearing subtle "glowing" makeup.
Don't worry, it was really traffic last weekend so I had loads of time to do "selfie!"

Bensinom sneakers are available at CommonThread (Greenbelt 5, Power Plant Mall), Rustans (Gateway, Makati, Alabang Town Center, Shangrila), Center of Gravity (Burgos Circle and Cenris Walk), Shoe Salon (Glorietta 3, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Shangri-La Mall, and Trinoma), and Shoe Thing (Kids styles only: Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood Mall and Greenbelt 5).  The price ranges from Php2,095 to Php2,565 for men's and women's linePhp1,295 to Php1,795 for kids' styles.  Visit www.bensimon.com.ph for more information.

byCurated.com has a tonne of other great advice for getting creative and learning new skills.

Have you found your most comfortable sneakers?
What design will you do if you have the chance to "DIY" your Bensimon pair?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hahaha, I have yet to post my "masterpiece"! Glad I was able to DIY with you and Jackie! Good times! :D

    1. hahaha I can't wait to see your masterpiece! :) super effort yun ha? Nauna pa ako sa inyo! :) Sa uulitin!

  2. Love the outcome of your sneakers Miss Nikki! :)

    1. thanks sis! :) How would you DIY yours if given the chance?

  3. I loved your pair! So classy. I got lazy with mine and just did gold tips and a star detail on behind. Medyo na-OP din kasi ako sa crowd hehe


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