Thursday, August 28, 2014 Online Shopping Review

When I was asked to do a review on my shopping experience at, I immediately went to their website and searched for items that catches my attention.  For someone who has been online shopping for more than 8 years, I call myself an online-shopping expert!  :P  

Now I have the title "mommy" added to my "job title", online shopping is definitely my best friend!  I shop online not only for myself but also for gifts to my loved ones!

Upon checking the site, I love the clean, easy to maneuver interface of the website.  I'll share more online shopping tips and tricks below.  For now, I'll share my review on my first online shopping expeirence at greatvalueplus!
a photo of Online Shopping says ---
We are an online shopping website. We have been selling online since 2008 and are one of the top sellers on ebay.

AMW says ---
  • You can shop at the comfort of your own home.
  • Website is categorized in different categories (watches, perfumes, electronics, men, women, Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen and my favorite --- Clearance Sale!)
  • As you scroll down, you can see featured products, newest products, bestsellers and product brands.
  • You may return items within 7 days from delivery date.  Read refund policy here.
  • Cash on delivery is available!  YAY!
  • All items are shipped from reputable courier services - Xend, LBM and Jam Express.
  • I got my item the next day I ordered!
  • The watch I got is original with warranty card.
  • Accepts Paypal payment!  Yay! this is super important for me as I don't have time to go to a bank to deposit payment.
  • Each item has detailed description and you can zoom in the photo to see the item clearly. 
  • I checked prices of the items I'm familiar with and their price range are competitive enough.
  • Free shipping within Metro Manila.
  • Since I got a stainless steel watch, I had to go to a watch store to have it shortened to my wrist size/to my recipient's wrist size. 
  • Same as all online shopping sites, you can't seem to really see if a certain product looks good on you or not.
  • The site promises security but as to ANY online shopping sites, there is a possibility of getting your information hacked!  So I prefer cash on delivery if you do not have a Paypal account.
  • Items will be dispatched from the Philippines so you can get the item pretty quick.  Probably a con for our international readers out there.
Overall has a wide array of products to choose from.  They have detailed description on each item with a nice "zoom" in photos on almost all products!  Price range are competitive enough and free shipping nationwide (unless stated otherwise)

  • If it is a first time for you to shop online, it is very important to check the location of the site owner so you'll have a rough idea if you need to pay extra for international shipping.
  • Check payments options before you start scrolling!  I save a lot of time not scrolling other online sites when I am not contented with their payment option!  
  • Check shipping rates!  I usually shop at sites that has Free Shipping nationwide.
  • Always check return policy!  I shopped so many times online and I returned items so many times too (for free!)
  • Always read item description carefully (ex. Sizing details, colors etc...)
  • Put items you like on a "Wish List", trim the list down to your budget!  That's my trick on not spending too much!  At times, when I look back, I realized I do not need the item I input on the wishlist and remove it! :)
  • Check prices on other online websites.  I checked Baby Moon Walker price and it is exactly the same as the price at Divisoria (I asked!)

Will I repurchase from GreatValuePlus?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Busy individuals who just don't have the time to go to the malls!  And of course, if you dislike the crazy traffic, this saves a lot of time and energy!


Because my mom is a very simple woman who never likes material things, I've decided to pick her a watch from Casio!  Casio is a nice, affordable, good quality brand of watch!

I wished I picked purple (my mom's favorite color) but decided to go for pink instead because she owns a lot of purple colored bags and shoes!  I don't want her to match too much!  hahahah

Here's a nice way to check out the "look of the item" by zooming it!

Detailed description of the item.

The next day, I received it via Xend Express!  Item is in good condition and warranty card is still intact!  I am not sure though how to deal with warranty service but I will definitely check with the watch store when I have the strap shortened for my mom!

For the price of Php1,999.00, I am so happy I picked this watch and made my mom happy! :)

Have you heard about
If you get the shop there, which particular item are you aiming for? 
My next target is probably another watch with bigger face (for me!) hehehe 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love online shopping too! Definitely will add this to my shopping online destination soon

  2. Online Shopping is my best friend too Ms Nikki. But I haven't tried shopping at Great Value Plus. I usually go for Lazada / Zalora and recently I experienced online shopping at Cudsly (for my baby needs)
    If I get to shop at GVP I'll probably get a G-Shock for my hubby. ;)

    1. awww sweet!
      Naku, you added my online shopping sites! Cudsly! Will check it asap!

  3. Great review!

    Good thing I found your blog. I do online shopping from time to time but haven't tried GVP. I know GVP from quite a while now but was really anxious to order watches from them (or any other item for that matter) because of bad reviews I read for Lazada. Because of your review, I would shop for a watch right now. :)


  4. Everything is fine can you tell me the return policy, shipping charge and durations of offering prices?

    1. It's all written in their site, they have return policy, shipping charge etc!

  5. Hi.. i haven't received the items i ordered ..its been 4 days now not counting the weekend.. i sent so many messages askibg for the status of my orders and even called them but nobody from greatvalue is answering. Do you know where else to contact them.. thank you

  6. Hi.. i haven't received the items i ordered ..its been 4 days now not counting the weekend.. i sent so many messages askibg for the status of my orders and even called them but nobody from greatvalue is answering. Do you know where else to contact them.. thank you

    1. Hi Sis, maybe, give them a couple more days? It's Christmas season I know even couriers are very slow! I will also try to help email them re: your case and cross post this comment and blog post and see if they can answer!

  7. I ordered kate spade bag thru lazada sold by GVP natatakot ako if fake ito. From 11,000 naging 5000 na lang.. is it too good to be true?

    1. You know what? I really can't tell especially since we don't know where Lazada get the stocks, they get it kasi from different sellers so they can't tell whether it is fake or not! Please have it checked na lang and make sure you keep the receipt (online) and maybe contact Lazada customer service once you received the item and aren't happy with it!

  8. I ordered a smartphone and paid via paypal on GVP. I got an SMS telling me the item will be shipped within 1-2 business days. 3 days after, my order remained on Processing status. I left a message on their site, got no reply. I tried their fb page, still no reply. Then I saw their chat online, finally somebody answered. They said that because my order is above Php2,500, I have to fulfill some requirements before my order gets processed. They said this is for their security, and the requirements will be sent to me thru email. Have not received any email that resembles requirements. So I thought enough is enough, they seem incompetent in handling payments via paypal (pretty ironic for an ONLINE STORE that CANNOT HANDLE ONLINE PAYMENT). I asked for a refund, which surprisingly was sent to me just a few hours after I asked for it. So, if you are using paypal to shop on GVP, consider yourself warned.

    1. thanks for sharing your experience Randy! it is indeed crucial for us paypal users to know! thanks

    2. Nagtry dn ako. Nung march 1 order ko then may nag email and text na confirmed na pero until now wala pa rn.

  9. I'm trying to buy a perfume GVP. Compared prices in malls I know it is expensive. I called them if it is 100% authentic and they said it "yes". No cust service from the company will said that it is fake or else they will lost their credibility.hehe

    Can anyone help me if you have experience in buying perfumes in GVP? Thanks a lot ")

  10. This is what I told them in an email:
    "Your services suck! Now I am going to tell the world through social media that they should not order from you because YOU ARE NO GOOD! Imagine how long this order has been and until now NO DELIVERY or WORD from you."

    My advice to the public - DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS COMPANY.

  11. i'm just wondering if this is a legit online shopping? because its been 4 days since
    i purchase my order and i choose express delivery, but till now i haven't received there anyone here received there order from GVP?

    1. Hay that's sad to hear, maybe their services went down, when I ordered year 2014, it was pretty quick!


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