Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AMW Reports: Happy 30th Birthday Burt's Bees!

If you are into beauty products, you probably heard or seen Burt's Bees.
I wasn't a Beauty Blogger back then when I shopped for my favorite Burt's Bees products.  I can still remember some of my first Burt's Bees purchases....

The Garden Tomato Toner, Hand Salve, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and Foot Cream.  But who could forget my first splurge on a lip balm that really works on my dry lips - yes, it is from Burt's!

So when I received an invite to attend Burt's 30th Birthday, no matter how crazy my schedule was and mind you, my car was coded that day, I knew I had to make it!  And I did!

I was greeted with a huge Happy 30th Birthday Sign made from either vegetables, flowers and the big 0 is one huge beeswax!  Amazing isn't it?  I have to hand it to the Burt's Bees Philippines team for such a wonderful setting!  And you haven't seen it all!

Each of us were given a yellow envelope, a jar with our name and I knew there will be fun activities to be unveiled.

The classics
Can you spot your favorite Burt's Bees classic?

The table set up with delicious cupcakes and macaroons.

The cake looks so cute and amazing!  This is definitely one eye-catching table centerpiece.

Now back to the reason why we all came together...

It is obvious that in today's world of Beauty, there are so many products available in the market and sometimes, we just had to sit back and think...what is best for me?  Which products work best for my skin?  Then we had to look back on how simple the beauty regimen of our ancestors.  They use all-natural ingredients straight from the source:  nature.  

And for 30 years, Burt's Bees has been the pioneer for natural skincare.  As they say....they use ingredients YOU CAN SPELL.

According to May Samson, the brand has expanded to six skincare lines to cater both men and women's needs.  There's the Radiance Line for radiant glow, Daisy White range for more even complexion.  Acne Solutions range that naturally zaps those unwanted impurities.  The Hydration Line which is formulated with Clary Sage, a plant which is known for its water-retention properties.  Sensitive Range, which includes cotton extract to address those with delicate complexion and the Naturally Ageless Line, which uses key ingredient Pomegranate extract that helps create youthful appearance.

WOW right?
And all the while, I thought Burt's Bees skincare are getting out-of-date...I am definitely wrong!

Aside from learning about the Bees that day, we also got to learn about the Beekeeper himself!  Do you know that the drawing in every Burt's Bees packaging is a real person?  That is Burt Shavitz, a 79-year-old man who embraced his hippie lifestyle despite his success and fame.  He is hailed by the New York Times as the World's Most Famous Retired Beekeeper.  We were able to watch a short documentary about him and there you see the heart and soul of the brand.

And another highlight during the event was when Liz Lanuzo of headed a short painting workshop!  Follow her on Instagram if you want to see her works!  This beauty blogger friend of mine is really talented!

I did try my hardest I tell you!  Painting on nails is still my forte!  *laughs*

Yummy meals!

I want to congratulate the Burt's Bees Philippines team for bringing us beauty enthusiasts so much joy in learning how to enhance and bring out our natural beauty without the harmful effects of chemicals and hard-to-read ingredients. 

Me with Angela of and Trixie Reyna

And because I was one hell of a party girl!   I dressed to be Burt's little princess!  In all yellow glory!  hahahah 

Shoes: SM Parisian

And here are 2 more classics I'm looking forward to enjoy!  I have used up Burt's Bees Honey & Bilberry Foot Cream and loved it dearly!  I can't wait to try their Milk And Honey Body Lotion and Beeswax Hand Creme.

What's your favorite Burt's Bees Product?
Comment below your favorites together with your name and email address.  ONE random commenter will win a Burt's Bee product from me!  I will announce the winner HERE and on my social media site (Facebook and Instagram).

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Keep smilin'
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  1. Ohh! I super adore their tinted lipbalm in Rhubarb. It's the very first lipbalm I finished all the way through. I love Burt's Bees. Happy Birthday! You don't look old... Like me! Haha!

    Annie Lorraine Cruz

  2. I super adore their tinted lip balm. It was the first lip balm I finished all the way through. I love Burt's Bees. Happy Birthday! You don't look old... like me! *LOL*

    Annie Lorraine Cruz

  3. Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream - I honestly love this waxy texture, lemon butter scented product, I think this is perfect for those who have dry cuticle, brittle nails and choppy finger tips.

    name: debbie jane de dios
    email address:

  4. i like their lip shimmer.It gives my lips a natural shine =)

    Nerissa Marin

  5. I love their hand salve. I have dry hands due to frequent handwashing because of my work (I am a NICU nurse). The hand salve is my savior :)

    Anne Marie A. Celso

  6. I really like their original hand salve. It's effective in treating my dry hands and makes it really soft. Even my sister said the same thing. :)

    Maikah Sabrina Calub

  7. I love the Milk and Shea Body Wash. It smells so good and it keeps my skin smooth after every shower that I don't need to apply much lotion anymore.

    Shiela G. Reyes

  8. I love their Milk and Shea Body Wash. It smells so good in the shower. And it keeps my skin smooth that I don't need to apply much lotion anymore.
    Shiela G. Reyes

  9. I love Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm to moisturize my lips. ;)

    Anna Liza Razon

  10. I have tried their hand salve and I luv it so much. Now, I really wish to get my hands on Milk And Honey Body Lotion.and the foot cream!
    Leilani Gamboa

  11. The Acne Solutions Purifying Gel is one of the cleansers I've tried which has helped keep my skin from breaking out.
    Ma. Christie Calata

  12. I've tried the Milk and Honey Body Lotion and I super love it. It makes my skin really smooth. I would love to use it again. :-)

    Sherlyn Geniston

  13. I absolutely love their lip balm. Not only does it moisturize my lips very well,it helps peel off the dead skin. In turn I do not even need a lip scrub.

    Jamee Uy

  14. The tomato toner is superb! :)

    Alyssa Contreras


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