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AMW Reviews: Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks (Citrus Flirt and Sassy Fuchsia)

You guys probably know by now how embarrassingly dry my lips are.  Okay, this is something I wouldn't want to highlight but it's true :(  and I don't want to lie...every lip shots are as dry as hell but what can I do?  Well, nothing, maybe..just share to you if I found a good brand of lippie that doesn't dry out my SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUSLY DRY lips! 

I've shared some....and guess what..there's more! :D

The 2 shades I got are 2 of their newest shades: Citrus Flirt and Sassy Fuchsia

Citrus Flirt looks very bright and orange while Sassy Fuchsia looks like a plain red lippie.  
Well..that's on packaging!

Mary Kay says ---
Intensely moisturizing. Exquisitely smoothing. It’s like a color-infused fountain of youth for your lips.
  • Instantly drenches lips in moisture and locks it in for endless comfort.
  • Infused with advanced skin care ingredients, the formula smooths the appearance of fine lines and helps lips look fuller.
Shades: Citrus Flirt, Coral Bliss, Exotic Mango, Sassy Fuchsia, Color Me Coral, Firecracker, Natural Beaute, Rosette, Sizzling Red, Spice n' Nice and WildAbout Pink. (Shades in bold font are new shades)

Key Ingredients:
Blended within this lush-feeling formula are two age-defying ingredients that work in synergy to deliver results. To help achieve the look of invitingly kissable lips, the Mary Kay scientists naturally looked to an extract from the “kiss me quick” plant (portulaca pilosa), plus the power of palmitoyl tripeptide 38, which is commonly used in skin care products. With this complex, the formula helps lips look plumper and feel firmer while saturating them in moisture.
Powerful protection – A powerful antioxidant, vitamin E (tocopherol) is used to help protect lips from free radicals and environmental damage.
Naturally beautiful – The lightweight, ultracreamy formula contains a nourishing blend of ingredients provided by nature, including sunflower seed oil, jojoba and mango butter, which are known for their moisturizing benefits. And it’s fragrance-free.

AMW says ---
  • Extremely stylish packaging.  I actually LOVE the unique bullet-like packaging that turns out to be a great conversation as no one gets to open it!  (without my intelligence of course! ahem!)
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Very hydrating.
  • Build-able pigmentation.
  • Very soothing, instantly hydrates dry lips.
  • Can be applied directly on lips even without lip balm.
  • Lips look more supple and smooth.
  • Infused with skincare ingredients, my lips do not feel tight even hours after application.
  • No flaking or bleeding.

  • Not widely available on department stores or beauty counters.
  • If you are expecting really bright and matte shades, these are not the ones for you. 
  • Price.  Maybe expensive for others but I find it worth the investment especially if you really need ultra hydrating lipsticks.
  • Packaging is crazy fun!  I tend to twist the lipstick like any other lipstick even up to this moment!  *lol* 
Very chic packaging, packaging looks way more expensive than the price.  The True Dimension Lipsticks are one of the most hydrating lipsticks I tried, and the best part?  They have a lot of shades to choose from.  The finish is on the sheer and satin side.


  • Apply using vertical action if you have heavy lip lines.
  • Re-apply after at least 4 hours.
  • Citrus Flirt works better on fair to medium skintone.  
  • Sassy Fuchsia also works for fair to medium skin but darker skin can get away with this.
  • Can't find the right shade for you based on brochures and online?  Research for photos of online reviewers who have the same skin tone as yours.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
All lipstick wearers but I highly recommend to users who have extremely dry lips like I do.

Where to purchase and how much?
Mary Kay True Dimension lipsticks are available through any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants by calling them at (632) 859-6211 for Php860.00 (approx $21.00) each.

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Just a push of the clear, click-button top to release.

Swatch on Arm
Left: Citrus Flirt
Right: Sassy Fuchsia

On Lips:
Citrus Flirt

Citrus Flirt gives a bright (yet sheer) orange shade.

Shade: Sassy Fuchsia

Sassy Fuchsia is a perfect shade for girls who would like to wear bright colored (almost red) lipstick but doesn't have the guts!  This is a wonderful practice as the effect is there but not too bold!

Both are extremely shiny even without lipbalm underneath and lipgloss on top!
Which shade do you like most?
Do you like regular lipstick packaging or are you impressed with this new and unique packaging?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Hey I totally feel your dry lip struggle! I have such dry lips some days its crazy! These colors are gorgeous and price seems really affordable! Great post!!!!

    1. THANK YOU, i think most are blessed with good lips! So I'm glad someone understood me :D

  2. That fuchsia shade looks gorgeous!


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