Friday, September 5, 2014

AMW Reviews: Shu Uemura Drawing Pencils

Happy Friday!
Wow, I just realized, I haven't used pencils for my upper lashline for the LONGEST time!  All thanks to the invention of gel liners and liquid liners, they are so wonderful I just don't want to take chances by using pencils!

But Shu Uemura, why would you come up with something so exciting called Drawing Pencils?  Just check out their ad....

Of course, no one would like to walk out the house looking like that but this ad is every makeup artists' dream!  I mean seriously, to create that look with just pencils???  I know I want all shades!

And to start off my obsession, there's 2 for me to try!  1 in brown and 1 in green!  Both shades are my favorite when it comes to pencils!

Top: Matte Earthy Brown
Bottom: Metallic Green

The shades look amazing even as pencils!

Shu Uemura says ---
Designed by Shu Uemura atelier, the 18-rich color palette has been created to be mixed and matched, drawn on and blended, for an infinite amount of creative color waves. Explore and play with colors and textures.
mix & match unique color variations:
balance 9 dark defining colors and 9 bright shades
drawn & blend: soft gliding texture:
creamy soft texture allows gliding & a smooth finish. Draw, blend and fill the gaps between lashes.
long-wearing formula:
water-proof, all-day wear and resistant to smudge

AMW says ---
  • The shade is as true as you see on packaging.
  • Pigmentation for both shades are good especially when drawn on eyelid.
  • Smooth, creamy texture.
  • No tugging during application.
  •  Smudge and budge proof! (referring to application on the lid and upper lashline)
  • Long-wearing.  Stays the whole day until removal.
  • You can get creative in mixing and matching matte and glitter shades.
  • Comes in Matte, Pearl, Metallic and Glitter.  So many choices and shades to choose from.
  • Can be used as eye base or as eyeshadow.
  • Matte Earthy Brown can't be used on the lower lash line or waterline, the color won't show up.
  • A bit difficult to remove with regular makeup remover.
  • Just my pet peeve but I can't seem to see the shade unless I remove the sticker and stick it on a white piece of paper underneath to be able to read it!  I wish they printed out the shade names on pencil.


    • Can be best removed with Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil.
    • If you plan to use regular makeup remover, drench a bit of makeup remover on a cotton pad and let it stay on your lid for a couple of seconds or close to a minute before you wipe the liner off.
    • Matte Earthy Brown is a perfect shade for girls who like to wear liner but don't want people to see the "obvious line".  This shade gives a huge impact yet you have to look  closely to see what it is.
    • Metallic Green is a gorgeous shade that can work as a liner or eyeshadow.  Apply Metallic Green Shade all over the crease are and you'll see a nice impact with just 1 product.
    • As stated on "con" area, Matte Earthy Brown won't show up on my lower lashline so I skip using it on the waterline and lower lashline.  As for Metallic green, it disappears a bit in the middle of the day when used on the lower lashline so I like to set it with a similar eyeshadow shade and it'll stay longer.
    • For a more define line, sharpen your pencil as often.
    • These pencils set incredibly fast so you have to work quickly if you plan to do some blending. 
    • Use a flat synthetic brush in blending out rough edges if you want to create a softer look.
    • Here are just some of the shades to choose from, call in your favorite Shu Uemura counters and check your favorite shades' availability.
    M green black 02, P baby blue 62, ME navy 61, M blue black 03, M purple black 04, ME purple 71, ME pink 12, ME red purple 11, P light orange 21, G gold 93, M earthy brown 82, M chestnut brown 81, M dark brown 83, M brick brown 84, P black 01, M black 01, M gray 05, M white 91, G silver 92, P light green 52 & ME green 51
    Will I repurchase?
    YES!  Not the same shades I got but other shades! I'm eyeing Navy Blue, Silver and Gold!

    To whom do I recommend this to?
    Eye pencil users!

    Where to purchase and how much?
    At local Shu Uemura counters.  Price TBA.


    Swatch on Metallic Green and Matte Earthy Brown

    Matte Earthy Brown

    Applied on my upper lashline.
    It looks very natural when applied very close to the upper lashline and yet, it gives a "bigger eye" effect.

    Unfortunately, it won't work on my lower lashline.  The shade just won't show up no matter how many times I applied.  Will definitely update this blog post if I found a way to make it work.  Just in case you own a similar shade, let me know if it works for you.

    Metallic Green

    The shade made me want to be more creative but applying this on top of my matte earthy brown shade.  With short yet quick strokes, I apply a thicker line and blend out the edges immediately with a flat synthetic brush.  I winged out the line a bit as shown on photo below.

    Thankfully, Mettalic Green appears pretty even when applied on the waterline and lower lashline.

    Which particular shade are you eyeing for?
    How would you play up with the shades?

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    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    (Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


    1. Oh wow! They look so creamy and awesome. A bit pricey on my budget but I guess I have to save up! Eyeing the Purple Black shade. :)

      1. I know, but if it's highly pigmented, it is worth the splurge when it comes to pencils :D


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