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AMW Reports: The Grand Launch of CAVA

I started this blog when I wasn't a Professional Makeup Artist and you (my dear long-time readers) saw my makeup school escapades and even were there when I graduated!  *yay*  I receive a lot of emails asking me: "Do I really need to go to a makeup school?  I've been doing makeup almost all my life and I read makeup books and watch YouTube tutorials, I think that's enough."

That's what I thought so too.

But when I enrolled myself in a professional makeup school, I realized was...there are definitely so much more to learn! And up until today, I am still learning!

And recently, I discovered a newly launched school called CAVA (The Center for Aesthetics and Visual Arts).
Shorts: From Korea
Shoes: SM Parisian

The Grand Launch was hosted by gorgeious Tracy Abad of 94.7.  

Hazel Gonzales, a skilled virtuoso in professional makeup artistry is the brainchild of CAVA.  She made her mark on the makeup industry with her first undertaking: HG Studio. 

During the event, I learned that CAVA offers courses and programs in makeup artistry to bring you closer to becoming a better artist as they will expose you to everything you need to know.  From the basic and conventional to the more advanced classes.

At CAVA, they pride themselves on their mentors who are not only talented but are also well trained in their chosen fields.

L-R Tracy Abad, Hazel Gonzales and Cecille Rebollos

Hazel is recognized as an International Airbrush Specialist.  She was given the honor of being the first Prestige Member at United Make-up Artists of the Philippines (UMAP) and she will be teaching airbrush makeup at CAVA.  On photo below, she did airbrush make-up on lovely model.

I literally saw flawless and dewy skin come to life!

Close up on Airbrushed model.

Chiqui Ortiz-Dingcong, showed her skills in creating fake scar!

In just minutes, here's the result.

Kay Rodriguez, Spokesperson and Chief Airbrush Make-up Trainer for Temptu Pro Philippines, currently the Country Manager and Chief Airbrush makeup Trainer for Airbrush Diva, showcased her skills in doing airbrush makeup not only as base but she stepped up and did airbrush on her model's eyes!  

Contouring and Blushing

Apple Fara-on, one of the 11 MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Freelance Artists in the Philippines picked a model from the audience and done a very simple look that works from day to night.  Apple is now part of CAVA as a mentor in their Program for Multi-media makeup.

With these dynamic group of individuals, they all have something to offer in training those who are new to the industry.  I seriously want to enroll myself in a class again!

And one of the "headache" of getting into makeup school is knowing which brand to invest on.  At CAVA, they partnered with various international cosmetics brands such as MAC, Nars, Laura Mercier, Digital Traincase for RCMA and Viseart line of products and tools from Nippon Esthetic Solutions.

Here are sample courses with rates:
  • Fundamentals of Beauty Makeup (40 hours Php28,000)
  • Advanced Beauty makeup (50 hours fo Php30,000)
  • Basic Airbrush makeup (8 hours for Php12,000)
  • Advanced Airbrush makeup (8 hours for Php12,000)
  • Multi-Media Makeup (12 hours for Php15,000)
  • Multi-racial Bridal Makeup (12 hours for Php15,000)
Their courses are specifically designed in such a way that students will get the complete makeup experience out of each class.  There is a combination of lecture, demonstration, as well as hands-on activities.

CAVA is located at Unit305 Victoria Towers, Timog Ave. Corner Panay Avenue QC.   For inquiries, please call 632.622.0360. 

Instagram and Twitter: @cava_ph

Are you interested in joining a Make-up School?
Which particular course would you wish to go for?

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