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Initial Thoughts: Olay Aquaction line

My fellow Bloggers would immediately point at me when you want someone who has dry skin.  Yes, I am the dry-skinned Blogger who literally has to slather my face with hydrating moisturizer night and day!

When I received Olay Aquaction line, I usually set skincare products aside as I am not the type who changes my skincare regimen in an instant.  But after reading the product description from the box...and the mere fact the name is called AQUACTION, I knew I had to give it a try.

And just recently, I was telling my fellow blogger friend Angela how my skin isn't as dry anymore.  I was telling her how much stress I'm getting and it must be the stress that's secreting more sebum ... I wish!  I was the Olay Aquaction line and mind you, I only used it for a couple of days!  

This is not a complete review but an initial thought post just in case you're interested to know if "PUMP PUMP BOUNCY SKIN" is indeed possible!

I got to try 3 out of 5 products from Aquaction ---
Olay Aquaction Intensive Treatment Mask
Olay Aquaction Hydration Gel
Olay Aquaction Sleeping Mask

Now let's start with the Long Lasting Hydration Gel and Softening Sleeping Mask

In a box come 2 products for you to try.

Olay Aquaction Long Lasting Hydration Gel
  • Hydrates your skin with just one application and continuously moisturizes for up to 24 hours.
  • Recovers skin moisture 2x faster.
  • Increases skin moisture by 170% in just 30 minutes. 

AMW Says ---
The Texture of the Hydration gel reminds me so much of my favorite Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Skin Relief.  This has more gel-like texture, a tad bit thicker and it glides on to my skin like a dream.  The texture is indeed "bouncy" and it gives my skin a soothing feel.  What I love most is the fact that it gets absorbed into my skin in no time leaving my skin grease-free.

I prefer to grab a small amount and gently massage on key areas that needed the most moisture, in my case, that is the center of my face including cheeks!  With an upward motion, I massage gently and include the back of my ears and neck.  I apply more at night and use just a pea size amount during day time as I find my skin still soft and supple the next morning.

Olay Aquaction Sleeping Mask
  •  Gives intensive hydration all night so you can wake up to 400% better hydrated skin.
  • It can also effectively control skin oils to help achieve water-oil balance and bouncy hydration.

AMW says ---
I used this on night that I am too lazy to wait for 15 minutes for a sheet mask.  I tried this only once so I can only share my initial thoughts.

The texture feels like the Hydration gel but I find the texture to be smoother.  It doesn't get absorbed into the skin as easily as Hydration Gel but it doesn't bother me a bit as it feels light and smells good.  This product is best applied at night before going to bed leaving it on skin until day time.  But since I sleep next to my baby, I blot off excess product with a tissue paper.

And I would've thought I won't see an effect the next day since I blotted off some of the product the night before but thankfully, I get hydrated, brighter looking skin the next day.  I actually did a double take after washing my face in the morning as I literally see a nice healthy "sheen".  If your skin is extremely dry like mine, you can leave it as it is and just wash off with water and proceed with your usual make-up steps to keep skin moisturized throughout the day.  Thankfully, my skin didn't feel oily or greasy at all!

Don't mind the attempt to look "asleep" LOL

Olay Aquaction Hydration Mask (Php829.00)
  • It's a face fitting stretch mask with hydration essence that contains mineral ingredients similar to those in Natural Hot Springs.
  • Transparent stretch mask formulated with Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E.
  • Its eye patch design helps provide hydration to the eye area as well.

Directions on how to use the mask

AMW says ---
I have tried Olay masks years ago when I used to work in China (bought in Hong Kong).  It worked for me so I didn't have any issues trying out the new Olay Aquaction mask.  Once I tore the packaging, I saw white cream-like substance instead of the usual transparent liquid that's included in the mask which gives me a bit of hesitation to use. 

But of course I don't want to throw away the unused mask and gave it a try.  The mask itself is thicker than other mask sheets I've tried, it fits my face like a glove and it stayed there for good 15 minutes.  Thanking the cream textured essence, I don't have any "dripping" sheets as I relax and play my favorite games.

The instruction says 15 minutes so I followed that.  

Here's a photo of my bare face with Olay Aquaction Hydration Mask essence in which I massage gently on face until it gets absorbed.  I actually tested this product alone without following up any moisturizer just to see how effective its' moisturizing properties.  True enough, I woke up the next day with skin that looks and feel plump and healthy.  

After trying out all 3 Aquaction products in just short period of time, I can vouch that these products definitely help ease my skin dryness leaving my skin soft, supple and plump after every use.  Thankfully, my sensitive skin did not have any allergic reactions so I'm definitely continuing my usage hoping my skin take a good turn from dry to normal.  

What I noticed in just short span of time from using Aquaction products is how moisture level stays THE WHOLE DAY!  I knew I had to read their product brief and here are some facts that may be helpful for you ---
  • The second key to cause moisture loss is Skin Fatigue.  
  • P&G, the maker of Olay, discovered an ingredient that is capable of outperforming hyaluronic acid (an ingredient known to fill and seal skin's leaky bucket).
  • WSK and Niacinamide are 2 powerhouse ingredients used in Olay Aquaction line.
  • Olay Aquaction has HydraLock Technology that helps deliver 24 hour non stop intensive hydration (I can vouch this is true!)
  • Pump Pump bouncy skin is possible when skin cells are well-hydrated and attain a full, round shape, giving skin a firm and elastic touch.  (can't wait for this!)
Olay Aquaction line is available nationwide in all leading supermarkets and department stores.  For more information about Olay Aquaction, visit  You may also Like Olay on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter @OlayPhilippines

I hope my fellow dry-skinned friends out there will find this review helpful!
Let me know if Olay Aquaction is what you need to help Reveal your #BestBeautiful!

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