Saturday, September 13, 2014

Smart Tips During Travel

Just for laughs...I thought of creating a short "comic strip" of us during our most recent travel in the US last March. 

I checked my email and saw a nice promo from Smart Communications called ALL-Day Surf Abroad.  I thought of sharing this to my fellow Smart subscribers who plan to travel and wanted to keep their friends updated through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The moment we landed San Francisco Airport, I went to purchase a US Sim Card immediately with internet plans.  The guy who picked us up immediately exclaimed to me that I shouldn't purchase one because it is double the price as compared to purchasing it in the city.  As much as I would love to save up, who can wait until they get into the city and wait until the next day (as I arrived midnight) to let my family know I'm safe through Whatsapp?  NOT ME!

And since I get a lot of queries on how I deal with internet connection when I travel, well here's the best solution so you don't have to worry about bill shock.

Smart All-Day Surf Abroad is an affordable data roaming package that allows Smart Postpaid subscribers to stay connected online for as low as P450/day in select destinations in Asia and Oceania, and P550/day in major destinations in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the United States. This is valid for 24 hours starting from the time of activation.

Smart All-Day Surf Abroad is also available for Smart Prepaid subscribers, with different rates and covered areas. How?
  •   Simply text SURFABROAD450 or SURFABROAD550 to 211 upon reaching your destination 
  •   Subscribers may also subscribe to the service via the Smart Online Store (
Visit this site for more information.

I can't wait to travel with Mr. AMW and Baby AMW once again!  This time, armed with better internet plans!

You know how I long to travel again with the family.  But of course, with a baby around, we definitely are not putting travel plans on top priority!  But, that doesn't mean I am stopping myself from dreaming.  I love to travel (locally and internationally) and I'm glad Mr. AMW feels the same.  When we travel, we create another set of memories and we find ourselves getting closer to each other than ever!  Why?  We get to be lost in an unfamiliar place together and we always have misadventures to laugh about.  

And since we are on a tight budget, free trips are always welcome!  I'm sure most of you feel the same!  

Smart and Deezer are giving subscribers a chance to win a trip to Bacolod for the upcoming Masskara Festival with the Deezer’s fly out promo. 

Mechanics on how to join:

Exciting Prizes you may win!

Promo ends September 30, 2014 so hurry up and join!  For complete information, visit

I haven't been to a Masskara Festival and I heard it is one event you shouldn't miss in your lifetime!  And it doesn't hurt that Bacolod offers yummy dishes as well!  Hello Inasal!

*sigh* I really can't wait for my next travel adventure.
Where do you plan to go next?

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  1. Applicable din po ba ito sa Talk N Text?

    1. check mo na lang pero iba ang sa Talk N Text dito sa Smart Postpaid and prepaid plans


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